It's All About YOU! 5 Things To Include On Your About Page
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Wednesday, August 01, 2018
By Molly M
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Having an About page is your chance to sell yourself to your clients. Your services & information pages should tell enough about your company's focus, but this is your chance to explain who you are and why a client should choose you!

Keep your About page brief and treat it like an elevator pitch to sell yourself. There are many different ways you can design your About page, but the 5 major things you should always include are:


1. Introduce Yourself & Make It Personal.

You can include personal facts (the whole page should not be about this), but make sure to relate it back to your business and how it will benefit the user.


2. Credentials & History

Don't list your entire resume and accomplishments, but do show enough to back up why you are the best person for this job!


3. Drive & Passion

Quickly explain why you are in this line of work and what you bring to the table using your passion. People want to hire someone that wants to work for them, so explain why you love what you do!


4. Add An Image Of Yourself And Even Your Family

This lets you connect with your clients more personally and build a relationship before you even talk. This can also gain trust because they see you are a real person just like them.


5. Calls To Action

Make sure to add buttons, forms, and/or links to other pages. Never let this be a dead end and always give at least one way to contact you. Don't start your elevator pitch and not close the sale!


My Example About Page

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind:

Be brief!

No walls of text! No one wants to write an autobiography... and unless you are Benjamin Franklin or another historical figure, most people won't read all of it anyway. Keep it short and sweet!


Make sure to include keywords.

This page is mainly to sell yourself to your customers, but it can also have SEO benefit. Mention where you are located, what areas you serve, and what you specialize in to help boost your ranking opportunities.


Try to avoid touchy subjects.

For instance: politics and religion. If these are a big part of your business and branding, then go ahead and include them. Just consider that if you're serving the general population, mentioning a political or religious standpoint may lose clients immediately who don't agree with you.


Use your own voice.

Make sure to write your About page yourself... or enlist the help of someone knows you and your brand inside out. It's vital that your About page match your overall marketing so you can attract the kind of customers your brand is built for! For example, a super-structured or formal page won't work for a brand that is free-spirited or casual.


If writing isn't your thing, use a video to show your personality!

You will still need to include some wording on the page, but using a video will allow you to write more simply while still gaining trust and building a relationship with clients. Just remember that videos can't always be viewed, so make sure to include the most important points in your text.

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