How SEO Works With PhotoBiz
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Friday, May 24, 2019
By Marketing
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Managing your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with PhotoBiz is easy!

Whether you choose to do it yourself or let our SEO experts do it for you, PhotoBiz comes with SEO tools and features to help you rank best online.

There’s a lot that goes into getting a great rank online, and PhotoBiz websites are designed to rank well from the start.

We know that Google prefers websites that work well, load fast, and look great on mobile devices. So PhotoBiz includes built-in SEO features to help your site perform best for Google, giving you a leg-up from the get-go.

PhotoBiz SEO Boosts

  • Fastest website loading speed in the world
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Auto-SEO Engine writes metadata for you based on your content.
  • Complete SSL Security on all website pages
  • Optimized image formats
  • Integrated blogging platform

As for the nuts and bolts of managing your SEO, you have the freedom to do it yourself... or let our expert SEO team handle it for you!


You have the ability to customize each page’s metadata, URL, and targeted keywords. Everything you need is included to create and manage your SEO data within your website!

To edit your SEO data, click the gear icon on the page you want to optimize. Pages are set to “Auto-SEO” by default, which uses the text on each page to create Meta Titles and Descriptions for you. Because these snippets are based on the content you have provided on the page, they usually work great right way.

Feel free to fine-tune your metadata, update your URLs, and add any extra tracking data like Google Analytics or a Facebook Tracking Pixel. 



But wait! Your website content matters, too! That’s because Google monitors user behavior to discover how well your website performs for users. Crafting great headlines, organizing your navigation, writing great blog articles, and adding buttons or CTAs can get users to stay on your site longer and buy more.

A lot of SEO is just using common sense practices to build a website that just WORKS better.

In the PhotoBiz builder, you can easily add forms, buttons, attention-grabbing headlines, and important text and images to encourage users to buy, book a session, or get in touch! From your site’s architecture to the design, metadata, and content, you have LOADS of options to craft a great-looking site that ranks well and performs for your business.


YES! SEO GO is our “do-it-for-me” SEO service.

Our in-house SEO experts optimize websites all day long for PhotoBiz customers who would really rather have a Google Certified specialist do it for them.

SEO GO from PhotoBiz is a two-part service that you can stop and start whenever you like. We start by optimizing your entire website. Then, we provide monthly SEO data and recommendations tailored to grow your traffic each and every month.

Website Optimization

Our work begins with an in-depth analysis of your website, including identifying your target keywords and evaluating the effectiveness of your current website content.

From here, we craft and implement SEO metadata that positions your website for success in your target markets.

Next, we make improvements to your pages and site navigation using SEO best practices so your site can work better and capture more conversions.

Our goal is to fine-tune and optimize your pages from the inside out to get you better rankings AND results from your traffic!

Ongoing Monthly Service

Each month, your SEO expert will evaluate your performance, provide detailed SEO reports, and make recommendations on how to improve traffic and rank.

We provide recommendations that are individualized for your unique business. 

Whether you could benefit from expanding social traffic, publishing articles to attract new business, adding CTAs and buttons to spark action, or refreshing images/page content, we stay on top of your website needs to keep traffic coming in and sales flowing.

Your SEO specialist will guide you in growing your traffic and getting more sales each and every month!

Interested In SEO GO? Contact our experts to get more information about our service.

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PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi Megan!

Pricing for SEO GO is $350 for the Initial Website Optimization and then $100/month for ongoing SEO service. You can start and stop whenever you like!

Visit www.photobiz.com/seo to learn more. If you have any more questions, give us a ring! We're at 1-866-463-7620. Hope your day is awesome!

-Holly H
Megan Anderson - I have just updated my website to a Photobiz 8 site, and would love to know more about your SEO GO service. Can you please give me an idea about the rates? Thank you so much!