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Thursday, July 13, 2017
By Holly H
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Say you want something done on your website. Like adding a new page or gallery… refreshing your design... maybe creating an email marketing campaign… What’s the first thing you do?


It should be to call your team at PhotoBiz, so we can hook it up for you.


YES, you can do it yourself. But don’t you have better things to do?


With WordPress and Squarespace and others, you have to do everything yourself (or pay out the nose to get work done for you). As a PhotoBiz customer, you have free and unlimited access to a team of super qualified, super savvy web professionals ready to help you succeed online.

But we’re not just a team, we’re YOUR team. Your staff of web employees you can call whenever, all for less than a cup of coffee a day.

More than “just a website company.” PhotoBiz is your team, ready to help!

Building pages

Styling your website

Adding images

Making landing pages

Making email campaigns

Building forms

Proofing galleries

Setting up ecommerce

Giving A+ tech help

...And lots more!

Point is… if you’re looking to change stuff about your website, call us first instead of wasting time doing it yourself.


Our help is included with your membership for the low, low price of free. We’re really fast, have the technical know-how, and plus – we really like doing websites. All this is included so you can keep doing what you love, while we take care of the hard stuff.


We offer a few "Do It For Me" services (like a complete custom website redesign or ongoing SEO). But our team is always here to help you through the questions you have about doing business online.

Need help getting your website looking ? Want to know more about all the new tools we put into your account since the last time we talked?


Call Us!



We’re here from 9am-8pm EST to answer all of your questions and help make your website awesome. We look forward to helping you grow!









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