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Thursday, March 19, 2020
By Jeremy H
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Words. People sometimes can't come up with the right words. When it comes to your creative work, it can be challenging to know what to write about, so you get stuck in this idea to just dump a bunch of images into a blog a call it a day. Unfortunately, that's not great for SEO. That's great you want to show off your awesome session, but it's not saying a whole lot.

Right now, while we're all are stuck indoors is a great time to write. All those things you put on social media in the past, you should be blogging about right now. You should be creating content that drives people back to your website and can create engagement on your website so Google will love your site more. Part of the magic of SEO is there is no magic. You have to actually do work for Google to think your website worthy of page one.

One way of doing that is to create great content to share with the world, and using words is how you do it. In this article, I'll give you simple tips and resources to help your blog throughout the year.

Social media tips to bring people to you

You have no idea how many times I see people post on Facebook about this beautiful session they just had and go into to detail all about it and share the photographs but then they don't lead potential customers back to their website. The Facebook post just says, "contact me." Okay, that's fine, but I want to see more. I guess I could look through the rest, but I could easily be distracted by Facebook messages and other people's posts.

With the website, they are on your site, looking at your work and nothing else. You are why customers are there, and now you have them in your funnel of decision making. They can look at all your past work, look at pricing and plan ahead for when they want to book you.

When using social media you always want to include a link to your website. The more people you drive to your website, the more exciting it seems to Google and therefore they're going to rank you higher. You're also getting customers to focus on you and how your services can be useful for them.

Write about your past and current sessions

Just because something is done doesn't mean it's not worth talking about. Pull out those older sessions and write about those experiences. When your past clients see it and they share it with their friends and families, they are driving people to your website, where they can experience more form you. Sharing your previous work also allows potential customers to envision the story you might craft for them. 

It's a way to reach out to past clients and see if they want to order other prints form you. Know that you still have their photos archived may spark an anniversary gift or remind them of a picture they loved but wanted larger in their home. You're able to sell without being salesy.

Post about the current status of your work as an opportunity to sell

While you are working from home, you can give people a sneak peek into your life. People love to become fans of creators they support. They may want to know how your business is doing and how the situation is affecting you. It's an opportunity to share your story and struggles and how you are planning your year. You can talk about upcoming promotions and concepts you're working on. Letting people know you're doing well goes a long way to let people support you.

Customer engagement for feedback and ideas

Take this time to gather feedback from your past and current customers. Find out if they like your ongoing work or if there is a type of session they are looking for, you may not have offered yet. Create revenue by engaging with your audience to help you know how to market to people once we can return to our regular routines. You are also crafting around specific ideas of the customer instead of just you trying to brainstorm, so there might be other customers hungry for that type of work.

Plan future sessions and blog about them!

Let potential customers know about your future sessions and plans. You can create anticipation by letting people know you are working to make your year more productive by highlighting future mini sessions and other ideas you're working on. Try to set up preregistrations to engage how many people would like to know when this session is available so you can market directly to those specific customers. Preplanning goes a long way to make you stand out and let people know you are thinking of them.

That's just a few blogging ideas to get you going for the rest of your time at home. Remember, blogging is a great way to market yourself and help with your SEO. You can write a bunch and spread them out over time but one thing is clear–you should be blogging right now.


Below we have some resources to help with your Blogging platform and SEO marketing. If you have any questions please reach out to our customer support team. They are ready to help you with any needs.

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