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Friday, January 18, 2019
By Holly H
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You asked for it… and now it’s here!! Universal SSL is LIVE, FREE, and ready for your PhotoBiz 8 website RIGHT NOW!

As of today, you can get the best in top-tier web security, have it fast, and have it totally free. All of your pages, forms, store items, registrations, communications, and galleries will be seamlessly protected with only one click. It’s easy to do, and you can get it NOW just by clicking “Enable SSL” in your Domain Settings. 

(For detailed, step-by-step instructions, click here!)

Universal Security

PhotoBiz SSL gives you the best protection with the new web standard in digital security.

Seamless Protection

Every page, form, gallery, order, and message is protected effortlessly and invisibly.

Easy Activtion

Just hit that “enable SSL” button and your certificate will be active within 72 hours. Easy!

FREE! (Yes, FREE!)

Yup, we’re not charging a single cent for SSL. You get top-tier protection for FOR FREE!

Y’all… it’s been a crazy week here at PhotoBiz HQ! So much effort, time, attention, resources, and brainpower have gone into getting our platform to this point, and it’s really incredible how all of you and our team have come together to reach this new step in building the ultimate platform for photographers. 

This has been a really incredible year – first with the release of PhotoBiz 8, our brand new evolution of our easy web builder that lets you create endlessly and easily with amazing flexible layouts. Everything just works together simply, backed by a robust platform loaded with essential tools to help you run your business.

Next, we moved our infrastructure to ultra-fast, high-tech servers that blast our development capabilities through the roof – allowing us to create incredibly advanced tools and spin up deliverability of your website in a snap to customers all over the world. This is a significant performance upgrade, and presents really exciting opportunities for your website to continue to grow and evolve to be the best!

Finally, with a year's preparation and planning behind us, we were able to implement SSL, the highest level in web security for PhotoBiz 8 for free. We do this because you deserve the best security, and we are, as ever, here to help you. Some companies are in it to make a buck… even charging hundreds of dollars a year for SSL security. We think that’s terrible, and SSL should be available for our customers for free! We made the choice to give you the best and make it freely available for all.

It’s our pleasure to make tools for you that help you be your best online and grow your business into the future! Thank you to everyone for sticking through these critical upgrades. It really is a wonder that we’ve all come so far and it's great to see you thriving and being successful using our platform. We are proud to offer you the service, tools, and security and be a part of making your business great!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 866-463-7620 or drop us a comment here or on social media! We love talking to you, and can’t wait to hear how the new platform, technology, and tools have helped your business! 

Thanks for an absolutely amazing year... and here’s to another great one!

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Holly H - Hi Virginia!

SSL is a new kind of website encryption that was recently made available for free on PhotoBiz 8. It makes it so that ALL of your pages are encrypted, no matter what's on them.

Before, you had this level of security on pages that needed it – on ecommerce, payment checkout, and forms. But now it can be everywhere.

If you'd like to know more about SSL, check out this article:


Or call us at 866-463-7620!
Virginia Faust - Could you explain a little more about this SSL I am not familiar with all the web lingo and technology. thank you Virginia