Yaneck & Sasha Upgrade Their Website To PhotoBiz Lightspeed
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019
By Holly H
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Say ''Hello!'' to Yaneck & Sasha, the pro photographers behind WASIO Faces! This husband and wife team based in Orange County, CA does it all – from headshot portraits and commercial photography to weddings, engagements, and bridal boudoir. They're award-winning artists with over a decade of experience who specialize in speaking and education, as well! 

This spring, the PhotoBiz crew had the pleasure of meeting Yaneck at WPPI and sharing about our Lightspeed Websites. Looking for a faster solution, Yaneck decided to give PhotoBiz a try. They built their new site on their own, moving from WordPress to the PhotoBiz 8 builder. Yaneck was able to customize the design to suit their business and launch their new site in just a few weeks.

Within months of launching, WASIO Faces ranks extremely well on page 1 of Google for many popular search terms. Perhaps best of all, they have achieved their goal of having an ultra-fast website, ranking 100 on desktop devices as measured by Google (and doing great on mobile too)! 

We asked Yaneck about what it’s like to have a speedy website and what his experience was like moving from WordPress to PhotoBiz 8. 


How important is it to have a fast website?

In today's world, a fast web site is a must. People simply expect fast interaction and if the web site does not perform well they simply leave before the site is even loaded. Visitor experience is critical for our photography business as we cater mainly to business people. They usually have very limited time and expect things to be taken care fast without any obstacles.


You’re ranking very well on Google! Can you describe your approach to SEO, and what are some areas you’ve been focusing on?

We recently moved from San Diego to Orange County so we had to optimize our web site for both locations. We learned the painful way to targeting both cities is not a good idea as Google gets confused and drops us in SERP for both places. So we focus on Orange County. Our good San Diego raking comes from external links that refer to us as San Diego photographers.

Our main focus is to provide value to our visitors and create content that answers the questions they might have. We want to answer those questions or let them easily book a session with us. Of course, the whole SEO journey is a never-ending process and we have a long list of items we still want to implement on our PhotoBiz site.

What matters most to you when designing a website or choosing a website partner to build with?

We moved all our web sites away from WordPress. The WordPress platform simply could not deliver the speed we needed with the visual quality of the web site. PhotoBiz sites not only are the fastest but they look good and modern. We met the PhotoBiz team at WPPI and were attracted by their no hard sale approach and product. They shared with us a few real live web sites to see how fast they were. We got convinced pretty fast.


How has your experience been so far with PhotoBiz?

Building the site with PhotoBiz was pretty fast and simple. The best part though is their support! I contacted them multiple times with some special request and nothing was ever a problem. If something was possible they would help me implement it or implement themselves and show me how to use it. PhotoBiz team always listens to feedback and enhancement ideas.


“We moved all our web sites away from WordPress. The WordPress platform simply could not deliver the speed we needed with the visual quality of the web site. PhotoBiz sites not only are the fastest but they look good and modern.”

– Yanek Wasiek (WASIO Faces)

What’s next for WASIO?

We are getting established more in Orange County and continue growing our headshot business. We want to create more content and articles and a few short videos about our process, studio, and final products.

We are working more with landing pages for our advertisement campaigns and continue to tweak our approach for the best conversion and customer satisfaction.

About WASIO Faces

Yaneck & Sasha are the founders and owners of WASIO Faces (headshots & portraits), WASIO Photography (weddings & engagements), and WASIO Master Prints based in Orange County, CA.

Yaneck has the honor of being VP of Photography Competition for Professional Photographers of San Diego County, and has won Portrait Photographer of Year from PPSDC in 2018, Wedding Photographer of the Year and Image of the Year in 2019. WASIO's work has been featured in RangeFinger magazine, Canon & Moab Paper booths, and they have won numerous PPA & WPPI awards and recognition including Loan Collections, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in Portrait Categories.

Yaneck & Sasha are speakers and educators for Canon, Microsoft, Tether Tools, Moab Paper, Savage Universal, Tenba, and X-Rite. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram @wasio_faces, YouTube, and at www.wasiofaces.com.

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