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Wednesday, January 02, 2019
By Holly H
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Universal SSL will soon be available for all PhotoBiz 8 websites. This means if you are still using a previous “legacy” version of PhotoBiz (like Portfolio, Builder, or Flash), you will need to move to PhotoBiz 8 in order to take advantage of SSL across your entire website. PhotoBiz 8 is the most current version of PhotoBiz, and the only software we will continue to release updates for in the foreseeable future.

If you decide to stay on Portfolio, Builder, or Flash, your SSL encryption will remain limited to checkout, payment, and forms.

This is how SSL currently works – your forms, payments, and customer data is HTTPS (SSL) secure, however general informational pages use regular HTTP web addresses. To get HTTPS on ALL of your web addresses, you will need to move to PhotoBiz 8.

Upgrading from Builder (or earlier technologies) represents a chance to get a lot more features, tools, and designs. Plus, if it’s been years since you’ve updated the look of your website, this can be a much-needed opportunity to revamp your design while making your site function more efficiently.

Moving to PhotoBiz 8 involves a few steps, and there are several things to consider when planning your move:


Building On PhotoBiz 8

Most users switching to PhotoBiz 8 from the "Builder" (our most recent version before PhotoBiz 8) will see a green "TRY PHOTOBIZ 8" button when they access the Builder. Clicking this button will let you select a new PhotoBiz 8 template and begin customizing your website.

If you do not see this button or are moving to PhotoBiz 8 from Portfolio or Flash, call us and we will help you get access to PhotoBiz 8. We are happy to waive any extra fees associated with upgrading so that you can start building on our most current version at no extra charge. 

If you would like assistance moving over to PhotoBiz 8 (or don't have time to do this yourself) we can help. For Builder users, our team is able to run an “import” function to transfer over the majority of your content into the PhotoBiz 8 template of your choice. Then, you can customize and style your pages.

Our Jumpstart team is also available to move your content over and give your brand a restyle, too. 

Learn more about moving to PhotoBiz 8:


Pricing/Products Included

With PhotoBiz 8, pricing and features have been standardized to make it easy and all-inclusive. No more slicing and dicing by filespace or products! Everyone gets everything, plus space for 5000 files. Pricing is a flat $29/month (or $25/month if you pay annually).

When you launch your PhotoBiz 8 site, your monthly membership will reflect this new pricing. Most users will see their bill stay at a similar or lower price. In a few cases, pricing may be a little higher, but you also get access to more features, expanded file space, free marketing emails to send each month, a blog, a full-featured online store (with zero commission fees), proofing, unlimited forms, plus a much more intuitive and flexible builder to create your website.

Because we want everyone to be able to use the best Photobiz has to offer, we will waive any extra fees to upgrade to PhotoBiz 8. For instance, if you are missing a Blog, we will add one to your account for no charge. (Having a blog is necessary, because it comes with the PhotoBiz 8 package.) 

Know that you always have the option to switch to annual billing to receive the annual discount. Just call us at 866-463-7620 and we can update your billing preferences. 


How To Make The Switch

Many users already have the PhotoBiz 8 upgrade available! Just look for the green "Try PhotoBiz 8" button in the Builder. From here, you can pick a template and start creating your site on PhotoBiz 8. If you need help or would like our team to run an import, we can do this. Just call 866-463-7620.

If you’re coming from Portfolio – or don't see the button – call us. We will answer all of your questions and add PhotoBiz 8 to your account so you can start building. Our team will be glad to walk you through how to use the new system and tools. Whenever you have questions, be sure to give us a call! It's our goal to make sure your transition is smooth, successful, and stress-free.


Adjusting Pricing & Removing Old Products

PhotoBiz 8 comes with advanced features that make some of our older products obsolete. For example, our new Proofing tool replaces Ecommerce Events. An all-in-one Online Store replaces the Cart, and Registrations are now handled using Forms.

Once your PhotoBiz 8 site is launched, we will remove these older products not supported by PhotoBiz 8 (if you have them). Before removing any products, we will confirm with you on the phone that you do not need anything in those tabs. When we get the green light, we will remove them and update your billing to the new PhotoBiz 8 rate according to your billing cycle. 


Start Now So You Can Be Ready For SSL!

If you want to upgrade, don’t wait until the last minute! SSL will be here within a couple weeks, so it’s smart to be prepared. Go ahead and upgrade or call us to get started. Getting prepared by moving to PhotoBiz 8 will ensure you don’t have to wait another second once SSL update is deployed.

Call us at 866-463-7620 to see what you need to do to prepare, and we can do everything we can to help!

If you don’t have time to build, or would just like us to take care of everything for you, our Jumpstart team can build your PhotoBiz 8 site fast. The service is only $250 and we can finish in just a few days if you’re ready to roll.

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