Sitewide SSL Is Just Around The Corner!
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Thursday, October 25, 2018
By Holly H
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SSL security is becoming a must-have for all websites. At PhotoBiz, we are approaching the final stages of implementing sitewide SSL, which represents a big upgrade for your site security and scalability.

With the implementation of universal SSL across your entire website (including forms, marketing, communications, and proofing galleries), your online presence will be more secure, agile, and positioned to grow well into the future with enhanced technologies supporting your business!

Here is a breakdown of what is coming


SSL Fast Facts

    Price: There is no additional cost for SSL security.

    Procedure: PhotoBiz 8 users will be able to easily enable SSL through the control panel.


UPDATE (12/13): We are working tirelessly to finalize SSL and create the best secure system possible. SSL is very complex, and there are many parts and pieces that must come together perfectly. The technicalities of this project make it difficult to provide a concrete ETA, but all of our development efforts are focused on delivering SSL that is automatic, easy for you to use, and available at no extra charge. We will continue to keep you updated as we are able to confirm final development details. Thank you for your patience as we build the most powerful, stable, and secure web solutions for your business.


Timeline and details

Thanks to many months of planning and preparation by our development teams, we have nearly completed the testing that is necessary before implementing SSL. After we clear the final tests in the coming weeks, we will be able to begin implementing SSL encryption on our customer’s live websites. 

Once SSL is available, you will be able to “turn on” SSL very simply in your control panel. Before turning on SSL, you may want to check that any third-party embedded widgets will function correctly using HTTPS or reconfigure your sitemap in Google Search Console to recognize the new HTTPS version of your website.


We are here to help

We know how important having SSL is to your business and this is our #1 top priority. All of our development resources are currently focused on rolling out SSL as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We will be releasing blog and support articles, as well as email reminders and updates to keep you informed of what is happening and any steps you need to complete to enable SSL on your PhotoBiz website. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We are standing by Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 8 PM Eastern Time to guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for choosing PhotoBiz! Your continued trust means a lot, and we are working hard to make the absolute best website and tools for your business!

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PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi Sally! We are getting really close! Our updated timeline and more information about what is coming up can be found here:


There were a few tricky setups that took a bit longer to implement than we planned, but we are confident that server migration will happen on January 8th, so that SSL can be implemented starting January 15th.

Sally Slack - Hi Guy's Happy New Year, where are we with the SSL? I was told that it would be implemented before the end of the year. Many Thanks Sally
Cathy Erickson - Very anxious to see the SSL certificate completed.
Izet - Look forward to seeing SSL implemented across the site...
Holly H - Hi Marie!
Our developers have assured us that we are in the final days of testing, and they are hammering out a specific timeline for deployment. As soon as we know when that date is, we will publish updates with more details and next steps. Thank you for your patience, I know this is a hugely important update and we are working to get SSL out as quickly as possible with minimal hiccups!
Marie - Hi Holly, Can you please tell me when the SSL will be implemented. I have been asking since June and Photobiz keeps saying soon. It is Very important to have it up and running asap. Please advise.
Holly H - Hi Deborah! Yes, we are still on track to implement SSL in November. We will be keeping everyone up to date with the exact schedule, especially as the holidays are coming up.
Evonne Evonne Fitzgerald - Fine, good idea
Deborah - Are you still on schedule for this to be implemented this month?
Rob R. - I'm so pleased to hear all of this.
Natalie Heller - I'm so happy to hear that SSL is coming soon! Having warnings come up that a website isn't secure isn't good for business and may mean that my website doesn't get the review time needed by interested parties to make a decision to purchase.
EricK Bech - Thanks for making SSL a top priority. I was starting to get a little worried.