Proofing Ecommerce Enhancements
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Friday, September 28, 2018
By Holly H
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This week we have added an important ecommerce enhancement for Proofing.

Customers now have the ability to purchase multiple packages and products from their client Proofing galleries, making it easier for clients to create orders online exactly the way they want.

For example, now you can purchase several framed pieces of the same size... or multiple packages with different poses for each. 

This update will be very exciting for fine art and volume photographers who want a simple and seamless Proofing solution with the ability to sell customized artwork and packages online. 

The interface for Proofing remains exactly the same. Customers will simply log into their gallery and select the artwork, prints, and packages they would like to purchase. Then they will fill their orders using the images they choose from the gallery. There is no limit on the number of pieces they are allowed to order. They can complete their orders and pay online. 


To learn more about PhotoBiz Proofing, visit us onlinetry out a gallery for yourself, or give us a call! We'll be glad to talk more about what makes our Proofing product the best solution for photographers online.

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Holly - Hi Sonja!

When your customer places an order, you can fill it using any lab that you prefer. We don't partner with specific labs because it gives our customers more choice and it keeps costs down. Win-win!
Sonja McCann - What company does the printing? Or does this come to us to get the order sent in through our printing company that we prefer to use?
Zoe Martin - That's so Awesome! I'm totally ringing y'all next week!