Professional Senior Photographer Jaimy Ellis Gets Website Upgrade with a PhotoBiz Custom Site
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020
By Jeremy H
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Jaimy Ellis brings a cool, edgy, street style to her senior photography business in Iowa. While she's been busy making jaw-dropping images of high school seniors for the last seven years, she didn’t have much time to work on her website. So, she decided to upgrade her DIY site to a custom site from PhotoBiz. We may be biased, but we think her new site is jaw-dropping.  

She hired our professional web designers to make her dream site. Her goal was to have her site match her personality and photography style while attracting her perfect clients.

We think they knocked it out of the park! Her new site is bold, in your face, playful, and youthful. It completely captures the energy of her work and style. Take a look for yourself.

We were fortunate enough to get to ask Jaimy a few questions to learn more about her, her business, and her experience with PhotoBiz.

Please tell us more about you, how you got started with photography and your business?  

Jaimy Ellis: I got into photography through 4H as a 9-year-old using my dad's fully manual Pentax film camera. I created photographic art as 4H projects and as a hobby through high school. 

When did you decide you wanted to be a photographer?  

JE: I've always been creative, but it wasn't until leaving a liberal arts program at a local community college that I realized photography could be my career. That's when I joined the waitlist for a photography program to get a degree in professional photography with an emphasis on portraits.  


Why did you focus on seniors and portraits?  

JE: After graduating, I started a full-service portrait studio with a business partner, and we immediately became swamped. I knew right away that seniors were who I resonated with because of the more edgy images that they wanted, and I could be a little bit more creative with them. In 2014, I started my current business, focusing solely on seniors and never looked back. 

I love making them feel amazing during the photoshoot and wowing them with images that they never dreamed they could have of themselves. It's turned into more of a confidence-building experience for the senior rather than just making cool images.

You have a fresh, funky modern style. Is your site an extension of your personality? 

JE: 100%! My website matches the images I create, my brand, and my personal style. My brand is me, and it shows through on my website, which I believe is extremely important now more than ever. My clients want to know the person behind the brand and feel confident that I can give them an experience like none other.


You work in the Iowa City area. I didn't expect that when I saw your photos! How do you make your photos and stand out? 

JE: The senior and I collaborate on outfits and location styles. Luckily, Iowa City and the surrounding area offer an extremely wide variety of location vibes. Due to it being a college town with so much diversity, I can achieve a grungy back alley, modern architecture, classic urban, and woodsy nature looks all within a few minutes' drive or walk of each other. My personal style is a little edgy, so that definitely shines through in my work, and most of my clients like to get a wide variety of fashion styles, including that edgy streetwear look.

Did you have a website before, if so, what was it like?

JE: Yes, my website before PhotoBiz was built by me and was great, but I always felt like it looked homemade and lackluster. I love my PhotoBiz site not only because it matches my aesthetic much more, but because it includes things like marketing email and proofing that I was paying extra for before.


Are you a tech-savvy person or more of a creative?

JE: I would consider myself a techy-creative. I don't dive too deep on the technical side, but I am also a graphic designer, so web design comes naturally to me. I also design all my marketing pieces and studio materials from scratch myself.


Why did you choose PhotoBiz to build your website?

JE: PhotoBiz is a one-stop-shop for all my website needs. I have been utilizing the email and forms features so much more than before and LOVE it!


Your website is beautiful. Why did you choose to get a custom website done?  

JE: I wanted my website to look 'legit'! I didn't want anything that just anyone could have, and I didn't have the time to create a brand new site.

Would you recommend others to get a custom site?

JE: Yes, especially if design isn't up their alley or they don't have that time. It's totally worth it to let someone else bring your vision to life. Especially someone experienced with web design, and that can show you how you can take advantage of all the included features.


How easy has it been working with PhotoBiz?  

JE: Easy easy lemon squeezy. Every interaction has been pleasant and FAST!


I see you're a PhotoBiz Partner, do you see yourself as a consultant to other businesses?  

JE: Yes, I have offered business mentoring and website/social media audits for a while now and also travel across the nation, teaching other pros how to up their senior photography game.


What's your future plan looking like?

JE: That's a really good question. I feel like my current business is still kind of new, and I would like to keep building that. Last senior season (class of 2020), I surpassed the goal I set for myself and hope to do that again despite all the craziness of the pandemic. I also plan to keep teaching other photogs so I can become a Master Craftsman through PPA. I would love to be able to start designing more websites for other photogs and small businesses during the slow season to supplement income during that time.


We admire Jaimy's ambition to grow as a leader in photography and design, and we are happy to be a partner in her corner. Not only for her business but also for the clients she mentors. While she focuses on the big picture, our Passionate Support® team will take care of the technical side of her website. 

Are you looking to get a beautifully designed custom site? If so, our Pro Services team can help. Click here to learn more about PhotoBiz custom sites and don’t hesitate to call us at 1.866.463.7620. We'd be happy to help you craft your perfect website.


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