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Thursday, August 20, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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PhotoBiz’s all-in-one platform gives you access to amazing tools and features right from the start. 

  • Our drag and drop website builder makes it easy to build your dream site 

  • Our commission-free ecommerce platform can be used for an online store or client proofing

  • Our Blogging and marketing tools help you engage with customers and include 2,000 free emails you can send each month 

  • Our scheduler allows customers to book appointments with you, and 

  • Our form builder can take payments or execute contracts complete with digital signatures.


These tools and features help you with your online presence without using third-party plug-ins, which can become costly and require you to keep track of multiple logins to maintain your business online.  

Out of the box, PhotoBiz’s website platform allows you to easily craft the site of your choice. And with the help of our Premium Features, we can grow with your business too! 

PhotoBiz Premium Features

PhotoBiz Premium Features can strengthen your online business, enhance your experience, and unlock additional features in your control panel.


New! Original Resolution Files

Selling and storing your original high resolution files is now easy with the Original Files feature. This Premium Feature enables you to upload your full-size files without any optimization for the web. You can upload images up to 25MB, no matter the dimensions or DPI. Better yet, you can upload large files such as PDF, DOC, ZIP, and many more. 

This feature pairs well with PhotoBiz Proofing. It gives you the ability to sell Original Resolution Files, in addition to High Resolution (3000x1730, 72dpi) and Web Resolution (1500x865, 72 dpi). Better yet, your customers can download these images in bulk!

Unlock this premium feature for $10/month. It converts all of your file storage space into space for original files. Each photo or file you upload can be original file size once enabled, no matter how many files you have. 


Learn more about Original Files ≫ 

Additional Storage Space

All PhotoBiz accounts come with 5,000 files right from the start. If you are a high volume photographer, want to use your account for backup storage of your files, or you just need more space, additional file space is available. 

Recently we added new storage space options to help make storage more affordable and easier for you to maintain everything right in your PhotoBiz control panel. You can increase your file storage space in increments of 5,000, 15,000, 20,000, 50,000, or 100,000 additional files to get as much space as you need. PhotoBiz is built to scale with your business.


Learn more about additional files ≫

PhotoBiz Mailbox

Are you ready for a branded email address? This helps make your emails more professional.  PhotoBiz Mailbox allows you to have an email address associated with your domain name (e.g., hello@yourdomain) Each mailbox includes 25GB of storage space that you can sync to your smartphone. You can even send messages up to 50MB, that’s double than standard Google accounts!


PhotoBiz Mailbox is available for $4/month per email address ≫ 

Domain Name


Your business needs a domain name, why not keep it all together with your website? You can purchase a domain directly from PhotoBiz. Choose from domains ending in .COM, .NET, .INFO, .BIZ, and .ORG. Our domain specialists can assist you in finding the perfect domain name to help build credibility with your customers. You can also get an extra layer of protection for your domain to ensure your domain and information is secure.


Get a domain for an annual fee of $12/year + $2/mo to keep your domain secure ≫

Extra Marketing Emails 


Sending email marketing campaigns is a great way to connect with your customers, as well as advertise promotions and services to your sales leads. Every PhotoBiz account comes with the ability to send 2,000 emails a month. You can increase the amount of emails you send per month by purchasing extra as needed! 

Extra Marketing Emails




















You can increase or decrease your total emails as needed. If you need more give us a call. Scale your business how you like when you like with these amazing features. 

PhotoBiz Premium Features enhance what’s included with each PhotoBiz account. We keep out pricing transparent, so you know exactly what you get when you enable these features, no arbitration numbers or calculators required. Just simple solutions with great benefits.

To take advantage of PhotoBiz’s Premium Features, login to your PhotoBiz control panel, click the GET MORE tab (in the top right corner), and select which features you like. You’ll get immediate access to the features.

Need help selecting what features you may need? Give us a call at 866.463.7620. Our support and sales teams can assist you in figuring out which Premium Features will best support your business in achieving your goals.


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