PhotoBiz Wins 2017 Torch Award for Ethics
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
By Holly H
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Our mission is to give people great, affordable websites. But the bigger (and more important) part of that mission is to do it while giving customers the best service of their lives – something we refer to around here as Passionate Support®.


We like to think that it’s our passion for service that makes us different in the web industry. It persists throughout our business and extends to how we grow our employees and the community we live in.


Last week, we were honored to receive the Better Business Bureau’s annual ethics award for our region.


The awarding committee looked at our business practices, our mission, how we treat our clients, the culture at PhotoBiz, and how we mentor and reward our staff. PhotoBiz’s commitment to serving others in our community was also evaluated. We are so thrilled to even be nominated and to receive this honor just blows us away.


We may look like a big fancy company, but we come from humble roots.


Thirteen years ago, PhotoBiz started as a married couple just making great websites on their own. 140,000 websites later, our owners never forgot where we came from – or how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur trying to grow your company.


That’s the reason we’re so invested in helping to take the burden of building a great website off the shoulders of our customers.


PhotoBiz leadership also like to keep that “small family” vibe and make their staff feel happy and appreciated whenever they can. We have parties and events to help build relationships, and we all pitch in to support multiple charities throughout the year. We also make an effort to grow and develop the arts in our community and give time, effort, and donations to charities that support families and children in need.


Thank you to the Better Business Bureau and to the Bryan School of Business at UNCG for nominating us for the Torch award! We appreciate the hard work the Bryan business students did in nominating and presenting our company!


We are thrilled beyond belief and so honored to even be considered, much less awarded this distinction for our region.


Congrats as well to the other winners: Industries of the Blind and Slatter Management Services! 

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Holly H - Aww, thank you, Casey!! (▰˘◡˘▰)
It's been our pleasure serving YOU! ♥
Casey Herman - Congratulations! Yes, you people truly deserve it! Thanks for your years of support! :)