PhotoBiz + Square Integration Is Here!
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Wednesday, October 02, 2019
By Holly H
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Managing your payments just got even easier! Starting today, PhotoBiz users can choose Square to handle payments across your PhotoBiz 8 store, proofing galleries, invoicing, and custom forms. 

Square is one of the most trusted online merchants, offering fast payment, low standard fees, and reliable service to make running your business simpler. Paired with PhotoBiz’s all in one service set, you can manage all of your online payments easily!

Square + PhotoBiz is a unified solution to easily manage all of your sales. 

  • Sell online with a reliable partner
  • Get orders through your PhotoBiz 8 store, proofing galleries, & custom forms
  • Take session fees or deposits in advance
  • Accept payments for class registrations
  • Take donations for nonprofits, schools & charities 
  • Take in-person or payments via the Square app
  • See all of your online and offline sales in your Square dashboard


NOTE ABOUT THE SQUARE CARD READER: You cannot use the Square card reader for purchases made on your website. If you are selling in-person and want to swipe a physical card, you will need to handle those transactions using the Square app.

To start using Square, head over to squareup.com and create your account. It takes 1 minute to link Square to your PhotoBiz account. Instructions here. 

Please note that only websites using the latest version of PhotoBiz 8 can use Square as an online store merchant. 

Once your account is linked, Square will begin working seamlessly to process payments. 

There is no obligation to use Square and PhotoBiz offers you the flexibility to make your money your way. We integrate with lots of great merchants, including Stripe, iTransact, PayPal, Authorize.net, PayJunction, and PayFlow Pro. If you enjoy your current provider, you can keep using them!

We are excited to offer you options to build and grow your business online the way that works best for you. 

Questions? Ask Us!

We are here to help you create the best experience for your customers and make selling online easy for you! If you have any questions about Square, PhotoBiz Ecommerce, or any of your tools, give us a call! Our Passionate Support® team is here Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM at 1-866-463-7620.

We are happy to to answer all of your questions and help you create an awesome business online! 

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Holly H - Hi Jenn! Square is not replacing any of our merchants, so if you are happy with iTransact, you are more than welcome to continue using them! We have simply added Square as an option to give customers choice and flexibility with how they run their business.

We will continue to offer merchant support for Stripe, PayPal, iTransact, PayFlow Pro, PayJunction, and Authorize.net in addition to Square.

Every provider has their own fee structure and process, so feel free to compare Square to your current merchant and decide which will work best for your business. PhotoBiz does not take any cut or commission, and we leave it up to you to pick your payment processor based on your business needs and volume.

Holly H
Jenn - We've used Photobiz since 2009 or so, and we've always used iTransact with our Photobiz invoice system. Will Square replace iTransact? Is there any advantage to using Square with our invoicing system over iTransact? Thanks!!
Holly H - Hi Leonard!

In your Square dashboard (at squareup.com), once you have configured the gift cards you want to sell you will get a link to a dedicated gift card page. Grab that link and add it to a button (or image or text) on your PhotoBiz website. Then clients will be able to visit that page and buy gift cards from you using Square. I hope this helps!

Holly H
Holly H - Hi Zev!

PhotoBiz never charges any kind of commission fee or processing fee for you to sell online or process payments. Merchants (like Square and others) may charge a small amount to handle the transaction, but PhotoBiz will not ever take any money from your sale. Thanks for asking!

Holly H
Leonard Bethel - I would like to know how to set up a link from my business page to the e gift card page on Square. Please see Felicia Reed Photography and see how she has it on her page (it's located at the bottom of her page).
Zev Abosh - Do you (PhotoBiz) take any percentage for your process fee or so?
Holly H - Hi Donna!

Now that you have Square connected to your account, you can configure forms to take payments, sell products in a store, make invoices for clients, and sell prints or packages with proofing galleries! We will give you a call to talk about how to do these things so you can get started selling with your PhotoBiz website.

Talk to you soon!

Holly H
Donna - I connected my Square account but I'm not seeing it on my website. How do clients access it? ... or do I need to buy Photobiz 8 for it to work?
Holly H - Hi Jennifer! Here is some information about how Square handles chargebacks:


Jennifer - Is there some sort of protection if a customer tries to do a chargeback?
Rodney - Time to update website