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Tuesday, July 24, 2018
By Marketing
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Our Program

PhotoBiz customers benefit by letting others know about their experience with our platform and services! Share your personal referral code and you can earn a $25 reward on your account for each person who signs up using that code.


How do I refer someone?

In your control panel, there is a dock that gives you information about marketing campaigns, forms, blogs, conversations and referral credits.

Click "Share With Friends" to get a unique code you can email, tweet or post on social media. When someone visits that link, the code is saved in their browser. If that person goes on to sign up for a PhotoBiz website, you'll get credit! 


What can you put the $25 towards?

As a thank you, PhotoBiz credits your account $25 per sign up. This reward can be applied toward your monthly or annual subscription, or you can use it toward a new logo, custom design, SEO service & more!

What the control panel dock looks like.



Your unique code appears like this.

Use Referral Credit For Membership or Pro Services!

You can use referral credit towards your monthly or annual subscription… or hire our Pro Services Team! Our designers, writers, SEO and branding experts are ready to get your site into tip-top shape! 

Custom Site Design

$1500 one time design fee

Got a vision? Let our designers build your dream site for you. Our custom web design service includes a new logo and completes in just 30 days! For more information about Custom Sites, click here.


Custom Styling Services

Custom quote

Want us to build your next custom form or email marketing campaign? Maybe you need a quick refresh on a page or two? We do all jobs – big or small! Apply your referral credit towards a custom styling service.


Dedicated Account Manager

$100/mo. (or $1200/annually)

Your single point of contact will manage your site for all your needs. We will create promotions to help find you the best customers and support your business with monthly reports on marketing, sales, blogs, inquiries, and lead gen.


Print Design Services

Custom quoted

This service is mainly for offline services like creating brochures, pricing sheets, business card designs and other marketing enhancements for your business.


$250 one time design fee

If you're using a legacy version of our products (like Flash, Portfolio, Legacy Builder...) our Jumpstart team can update your entire site and move you to a brand new design in no time! It's fast, easy, and super affordable. For more information about JumpStart, click here.


Logo Design

$250 one time design fee

Get a brand new logo design or refresh your current branding with a new logo design! our professional graphic design team will deliver your logo in multiple formats for online and offline use. Learn more.



$350 one time fee, $100/mo.

Continuous SEO monitoring, optimization & reporting that improves your search engine results on Google. Your SEO expert will create a game plan to help you rank higher and get you more customers. For more information about SEO Go, click here.


Writing Services

Starting at $100

Our professional copywriters will create new content for your website or blog. You decide what you need, and we'll get it done. For more information about the writing service, click here.


When do I receive my referral credits?

60 days after someone using your personal referral code signs up & keeps their account active.

Can I exchange credit for a different award or cash equivalent?

Referral credits cannot be exchanged.

My friend signed up and forgot to use my code. Can they apply retroactively?

Referral name or codes must be applied at the time of sign up. We suggest using your personal referral link, because it tracks them automatically and applies your code when they sign up. Your personal referral link can be found in your PhotoBiz control panel. 


How can I tell if someone has used my personal referral code?

Your control panel dock will show you how many people have signed up using your code and how much you have earned in referral credit.

How can I use my referral credit?

You can redeem credit on services in the "Get More" tab of your control panel. You can also call our support team at 1-866-463-7620 and we will help you.

Can I save up my referral to pay off a service?

Not at this time currently. if you receive a referral credit and don't use it the same month you get it on a new service, it will roll into your PhotoBiz subscription.

Can I refer myself?

Good try! But no, referral credit is only valid for new account holders.

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