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Thursday, July 09, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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PhotoBiz Proofing is a great way to share photos with your clients. You can create private, password-protected galleries that your clients can log into, tag their favorites, share with friends and even make purchases directly from you. 

When you get the full PhotoBiz website platform, Proofing is included, but there is also an option to just get Proofing. We've made some new enhancements and changes to our pricing for Proofing and we think you will like them.


Original Files comes standard in PhotoBiz Proofing accounts

What is an original file you ask? Original Files is a recent addition to the PhotoBiz system. It increases the max file size you can upload from our 4 MB standard to 25 MB per file. And the original resolution of your files is maintained after the files are uploaded (we still create optimized versions of your images, but we now also store the original file). When you sign up for a PhotoBiz Proofing account this feature is included right from the start.

This means the files you upload to your PhotoBiz Proofing account will be at its best resolution, and you can allow your customers to download these files (and/or two other optimized file sizes). 


PhotoBiz Proofing is now only $10/month

We've changed our price to make this product even more affordable and accessible. PhotoBiz Proofing is now $10/month when you sign up for an annual plan. You read that right, you are getting more and paying less.

Allow customers to bulk download entire galleries

You can allow your customers to download individual images or select as many as they like. With bulk downloads, this feature makes it easier than ever. They won't have to go image by image to download. They can select their favorites or download entire galleries, it's up to you how you set up your galleries and how you sell your packages. They will be sent an email with a .zip file with all their files ready to download.

Additional storage options are available

Each PhotoBiz Proofing account comes with storage for up to 5,000 files. If you need to store more than that, you can add more storage. You will see all the available add-ons and services in the GET MORE section of the PhotoBiz Control Panel, including More Storage. We make our pricing transparent, so you know exactly how many files you are paying for vs. an amount of space. Take a look:

We hope you like the updates to PhotoBiz Proofing. These additions will allow you to store and sell your highest quality work.

Are you already a PhotoBiz proofing customer? Give us a call, 866.463.7620 our team will assist you if you have any questions.

Have the full PhotoBiz website platform but want to take advantage of these new add-on features? Check our recent articles about Original Files and new additional storage plans.


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