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Friday, February 15, 2019
By Marketing
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PhotoBiz Pro Services!

As a PhotoBiz customer, you have access to our Pro Services team! Our designers, writers, SEO specialists, and branding experts are ready to get your site and brand just the way you want. Below are the services available from our team to help better your business.

Custom Website Design

$1500 one-time design fee

Got a vision? Let our designers build your dream site for you. Our custom web design service includes a new logo and finishes fast! We'll make your site look like a million bucks, for much less. 

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Social Spark 

$250 one-time fee

Need to set up or restyle your social media accounts but don't know where to start? Our social media experts will set up and expertly style your Facebook and one additional social media platform so you can connect with the right customers right away! 

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Dedicated Account Manager

$100/mo. (or $1200/annually)

Your Dedicated Account Manager is your single point of contact for all your website needs. We can create promotions to help find you the best customers and support your business with monthly reports on marketing, sales, blogs, inquiries, and lead gen. 

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Print Design Services

Custom quoted

This service is mainly for offline services like creating brochures, pricing sheets, business card designs and other marketing enhancements for your business. 

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$350 one-time design fee

If you're using a legacy version of our products (like Flash, Portfolio, Legacy Builder...) our Jumpstart team can update your entire site and move you to a brand new design in no time! It's fast, easy, and super affordable. 

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Logo Design

$250 one-time design fee

Get a brand new logo design or refresh your current branding! Our professional graphic design team will deliver your logo in multiple formats for online and offline use. 

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$350 one-time fee, $100/mo.

Continuous SEO monitoring, optimization & reporting that improves your search engine results. Your SEO expert will create a game plan to help you rank higher and get you more customers. 

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Writing Services

Starting at $100

Our professional copywriters will create original written content for your website or blog. You decide what you need, and we'll get it done! There's no project too big or small for our writers. 

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Questions? We Are Here To Help!

How do I get started? 

Call us at 866-463-7620, visit the GET MORE tab in your PhotoBiz control panel, or click one of the links above to learn how to get started with any of our Pro Services. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and get you started with the services you are interested in. 

Once you register for the service, you will receive a short questionnaire that lets us quickly discover your design preferences and other key information we need to start your design or custom service. 


How long will my design take? 

If you are ready to begin and have your website content (words and images for your site) ready to go, it's very fast. Jumpstarts take about 14 days, and custom designs finish in about 30. This timeframe is an average and depends on many things! The biggest is how fast you are ready to provide the stuff you want on your site and feedback about your initial mockups.


How does your SEO service work, and why is the first month more expensive?

Our SEO happens in two parts. In the first month, our experts do the intense work to optimize your pages so they're ready to start bringing in more visitors. This initial optimization includes writing metadata for each of your pages and performing an entire-site audit with an eye on how your site functions once visitors land there. We'll spruce up pages, add in calls-to-action, simplify navigation, and do other things to make your site better able to quickly convert visitors into buying customers. 

After the heavy lifting is done, our SEO experts switch into "growth mode." Each month, we'll monitor your results and help you find ways to keep fine-tuning your site and social outreach, driving traffic for your online business. You can pause or restart our service whenever you want! 


Can I pay in installments, or after you do the design?

We begin working on a custom service when we receive payment for it. We are not able to set up payment plans for services, or bill you after a service is complete. 


Do I get all of my logo files? 

Yep! All of em! You'll receive a complete package of files needed to use your logo online or in print, in a variety of formats.

Can I get a sneak peek of my website design before you finish the first draft? 

Be patient! Our designers will send you a link to your finished mockup when it is ready for you to see. You will have time to make revisions, so don't worry!

If you DO happen to catch a glimpse before it's ready, don't freak out if it looks unfinished! We are still working. Definitely don't start messing with the design without your designer's permission... you will end up making the whole service take longer than it needs to if we have to put stuff back!

So save yourself a headache a be patient. It won't take long!  


Can I update the site once you build it for me?

Yes! We build custom sites so that they're easy for you to manage.


What's the difference between Jumpstart and a Custom Site?

Jumpstart exists as a time-saver, not a complete design solution. If you need to get online fast or move to the new PhotoBiz 8 platform, you can just pick a template and we'll put in your content and style it to match your brand colors. Jumpstart is meant to be a 2-hour service where we very quickly get your website ready to go online.

A custom design is a much more in-depth service and we go further to give your website a unique style instead of simply loading a template with your content. Custom designs can include creating some custom graphics, plus a logo design or refresh if you wish. Custom designs include styling up to 10 pages and do not include SEO work, setting up your store, or importing old blogs.

If you are interested in having us set up your store or import your old blogs, we are happy to do this as a separate, custom-quoted service. Contact us for a quote!


Do you guarantee rank with SEO Go?

Honestly, any company who promises you will achieve a certain rank with Google for using their SEO service is not being honest with you. There are so many factors when it comes to ranking! And while we do not guarantee rank, our clients consistently show growth in their search position and their business. Our SEO experts are Google certified and thoroughly knowledgeable. We use modern best practices to help you not only find more customers, but also make it easier for them to purchase from you or fill out an inquiry.  

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