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Thursday, March 26, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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Book. Shoot. Sell your work. PhotoBiz has created the best photography website platform for business-focused photographers.

PhotoBiz continues to grow as a leader in the photography industry. 2020 is the start of a new decade, and for an ever-changing world in technology, it means being prepared for those changes. We're introducing significant enhancements to PhotoBiz features and services to help improve your business and help you run it all in one place.

Our Mission is to help you book clients, so you can shoot and showcase your work beautifully, and sell it all through a single platform. 

We've been a part of the photography and creative community for a long time, nearly 20 years. Through the years we've connected to thousands of photographers both online and in person. We listen and talk to our customers and potential customers to find out their specific needs as a photographer, to bring together better products and tools for them to rely on at an affordable cost.

Right from the start, the message was clear to us: Photographers want all their tools and services in one place, and it must be easy to use. We expanded our platform to make these tools accessible, faster, and backed by actual support, not just guides.

Here are some of the significant upgrades PhotoBiz has recently made to make Photographer's lives better.

Faster Website Builder With Tons Of Features

Our feature list keeps growing, PhotoBiz gives you the power to build website pages faster by making it easier with our block system. The PhotoBiz 8 block system is integral for building a website. You can create, drag, and drop specific block types easily.

Each block has its own set of parameters—Banner Blocks for banner images give you options for text and color overlays; Text + Image Blocks give you different layouts where an image and text are combined. The list goes on. You have tons of combinations; in fact, there are 1,307,674,368,000 combinations possible with our builder! We weren't kidding when we say 'Unlimited Possibilities.'

We've developed our websites to load fast for SEO and enhanced our image uploader to be even faster. We're continually doing research & development to make our website builder easier and more robust for photographers.

Send 2,000 Emails Each Month

PhotoBiz Email Marketing Suite is a great way to connect to clients with promotions, exclusives, and events. When clients submit a form, purchase from your online store, or proofing event, their contact information is stored in your CRM on the PhotoBiz platform.

All your tools work together to help you market directly to your current and potential customers all in one place rather than using third-party tools.

We give each PhotoBiz client 2,000 emails to send each month for free. Make fast emails and start collecting data on who is opening, bouncing, or unsubscribing from your emails directly from the PhotoBiz platform.

Proofing With Bulk Downloads For Client Galleries

Bulk Downloads was a must-have request for our PhotoBiz customers. Bulk downloads enables customers to select multiple files or an entire gallery. The files are then packaged and sent to that customer's email. They are then able to download their files fast & easy. You can choose what resolution and if clients can access it for free or if they need to pay for packages. This feature is available for all PhotoBiz clients and helps photographers save money and have more functions in a single platform.

You can allow clients to download their selected images directly from the gallery or let PhotoBiz email them the files directly. Customers won't have to wait for photos to prepare to download, even if you have very large galleries! These emailed packaged files are available almost immediately and are available to download for 7 days before they must request or repurchase the files.

You have many ways to package your products, you can allow customers to pay to bulk download multiple files or an entire gallery, just set up your digital packages, products or a la carte digital images with full control over the file's resolution and pricing. You can also let this be a free feature, it's up to you and whatever fits your business the best!

Scheduling System Built In

A brand new edition to the PhotoBiz platform is the PhotoBiz Scheduler. This tool helps you manage all your appointments in one place, no need for extra plug-ins or other services. The Scheduler has seamless and organic integration with your website, providing your clients with a very smooth and easy booking experience. 

The PhotoBiz Scheduler is excellent for studio booking, consultations, wedding events, and more. Now you can run your business easier and faster with PhotoBiz. To access the new PhotoBiz Scheduler, you need to upgrade to PhotoBiz 8, our most robust, easy to use, mobile-ready platform.

Pro Services To Build Your Site / Do Your SEO / Write Your Content + More

PhotoBiz loves you. Yes, that old slogan really is instilled in our love for what we do. Our Client's experience is our priority; we've watched many businesses start and grow, and our customer support team's passion for helping our customers has grown as well. We started our Pro Services team to help photographers improve with less effort.

Don't have time to build a website, create your SEO plan, or even write content for your website? We'll help you customize and create content for you, so you don't have to sweat the details.

We offer many services to make your business more streamlined and easier. Relying on our in-house experts—Google Certified experts for SEO, professional designers, copywriters, and marketing experts can craft your website at an affordable price. Your time is valuable, let us do the work in a few days versus weeks of your own time.

To learn more about our exclusive services for PhotoBiz customers, click here.

Partnership To Build Your Business

Creatives are natural designers, and many have expanded the scope of their business by creating websites and branding for other businesses.

Working in partnership, you have the freedom to focus on creating outstanding designs, get help and guidance from our Partner Advocates, and let us take care of your client after the site is launched.

For creative pros who are looking to add a revenue stream to their studio (or just make a little money on the side), building websites for businesses you know is the perfect way to earn extra income doing creative work on your schedule.

PhotoBiz Partners have a special client portal where you can manage all of your client sites from one place. You can create unlimited trial accounts and build for free for 6 months. Your Partner Advocate will make sure you have everything you need to find customers, build on our platform, and create great designs.

Best of all, once the project is done, our team will handle the day-to-day questions and customer care. You won't have to worry about minor changes or updates your client may need. Our support team is there to maintain the quality and long term support, unlike any other website provider.

Our tools and services are continuing to grow each year. We are dedicated to making your photography business simple and more cost-efficient. We'll be enhancing our tools more this year so keep a lookout on our blog and social media channels for upcoming features.

Need assistance with any of the features in today's blog? Call our support team; they will be able to help you with all our new upgrades and features. Need help getting started? Check out our support hub for more to get going, or if you need more assistance, our pro services team can make anything you need with a quick turn around time.

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