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Wednesday, August 08, 2018
By Karri Brantley
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''My website, my emails, the lifeline of my business...all of it had vanished. I felt paralyzed.''

While I was soaking in the sunny beaches on my honeymoon recently, something beyond my control happened with my photography business website that brought me straight to my knees...instantly!

Here's the skinny - the website server company I had grown my professional photography business with, for whom I was with for 10 whole years, had a catastrophic event where they were hacked and their ENTIRE servers collapsed along with their back-up servers. Needless to say, it wiped every one of their clients' websites clean of content and out of nowhere – POOF – my entire online website presence and emails were 100% gone. Forever. A somewhat mild crisis that I couldn't believe was happening. I felt completely overwhelmed with the sadness of not being able to do anything about it. Not to mention that I was thousands of miles away ON MY HONEYMOON and couldn't problem solve the catastrophe right away (without a computer, files, etc.). My website, my emails, the lifeline of my business...all of it had vanished. I felt paralyzed.

Over a week later, as soon as the plane landed back home and a bit of jet lag sunk in, I dug deep to figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to use this "lesson" as another opportunity to start fresh and surround myself with like-minded supportive team members.

I reached out to my Photog. Blogs I was a member of, composed countless emails to photog. friends asking for their recommendations, and researched companies that have compassionate, supportive, team-building humans with fabulous reviews and are tech savvy!

As the days passed, I worked when I could & was determined to create and manifest the website of my dreams – one that I thought was aligned with what was happening in my professional work now. Very tedious but gratifying work. I was trying to maintain my spark while re-connecting with my clients and feverishly troubleshooting any way I could. I suddenly found that I was inspired to write and went in a different direction to brand myself in my business. I "fired" the other company and in my research, I found the absolute perfect fit. PhotoBiz.

''From start to finish, my brand new website of my dreams was up and live in 4 days.''

This incredible company, based in North Carolina, a hands-on compassionate professional website company, took the reins and worked on the technical side of my site as long as I came up with all the content. I decided to invest in the Jumpstart program as I felt they could focus and support me and my tech needs much faster than I could have. Plus, I was open to their suggestions allowing me to tweak the details with their support immediately by either email or phone.

From start to finish, my brand new website of my dreams was up and live in 4 days. All the things I had wanted to take time to update on my old site, all the ideas I had scrambling around in my mind, were answered and displayed with such ease with PhotoBiz.

''I am so grateful I took the time to hire PhotoBiz.''

I loved that they have phone support, that they have a variety of templates I can interchange (every week of the year if I wanted!) plus the content and options to build and grow in my business seem endless. WOW. What a treasure. Everyone I’ve had a convo with, all the tech support and creativity was welcomed with ease and I feel very comforted by this company.

So, here I am, on the other side of this crazy journey to announce my BRAND spanking NEW fabulous photography website that is more aligned with who and what and how I am now. I am so freakin' proud of this. I am so grateful I took the time to hire PhotoBiz. I love my job and I am grateful I get to do this and share the joy of this beautiful company for those who VALUE people and want you to WIN.

About Karri

Karri Brantley, Pro Photographer

Grosse Pointe, Michigan 

Karri Brantley is a published natural light photographer specializing in headshots, family portraits and special events. Karri holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Wayne State University and studied at the famed Second City Training Center in Detroit, Michigan. After pursuing photography as a hobby for many years, Karri made the leap from actor, director, teacher and casting agent to launching her own professional photography business. You can find Karri Brantley's photography studio at karribrantleyphotography.com

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