PhotoBiz 2019 Highlights
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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
By Jeremy H
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2019 has been an incredible year with tons of new tools and improvements to the PhotoBiz platform. Not only did we release new templates and the new PhotoBiz Scheduler, but we had many other great additions this year.

In this blog, we'll take a look back at all the great new things we did in 2019.

SSL Secure Hosting Included with PhotoBiz

SSL security was added to our platform. Keeping up to date with online security and safety measures, you and your customer's information are protected online with PhotoBiz secure hosting. Now, with a single click, you can enable your website to be secure online so your site is visible in all browsers.

11 New Templates

We released 11 versatile designs that look great for any type of photographer. Make your work stand out with the professionally designed templates, ready to go when you select them. Check out these amazing new templates.

Evans - Andreas - WildeWarholBronteRivera

PhotoBiz Has The Fastest Sites In The World

Over the last year, we made huge enhancements to our site builder and infrastructure. While working on SSL, our developers made additional improvements that made our sites faster than any other website host. In fact, PhotoBiz websites speed is 2X faster than Wix and over 5X faster than Squarespace. That means great things when it comes to SEO, ranking online and overall customer experience.

11 New Design Layout Blocks

We made several new design layouts for text + image layouts. You now have more options to make unique looks such as circle layouts, large image formats and more.

Form Builder Upgraded

The PhotoBiz Form builder interface has been completely rebuilt using PhotoBiz 8 technology, which is very easy to use and people love. This standardizes the form editor design on both the frontend and backend, making it easier than ever to build forms for every purpose. We also included a bunch of new front-end looks!

PhotoBiz Partner Program

This year, we developed our platform to be open for creatives, photographers, and web designers to design websites for their clients. PhotoBiz Partners is perfect for freelance, agencies, and educators. Now you can develop, monitor and also pass along your clients to us when your client's site has launched. It's a way for you to focus on big-picture design projects and we manage and support your clients afterward.

20 New Fonts Available

20 new font choices became available in the PhotoBiz font library. Are you traditional? Modern? Fun & funky? How you present the words you write is just as important as what you say when developing a voice for your business. Check out our entire library here!

New Merchant: Square

PhotoBiz intergrated with Square, one of the most trusted online merchants. Square offers fast payment, low standard fees, and reliable service to make running your business simpler. Paired with PhotoBiz’s all-in-one service set, you can manage all of your online payments easily! 

New FAQ Block

The FAQ block introduces 10 beautiful new layouts for text so you can answer questions, showcase testimonials, walk clients through a step-by-step process, or just add a bit of decorative punch to the text on your website.

PhotoBiz Scheduler

The biggest addition to the PhotoBiz platform is our new scheduling and booking tool, the PhotoBiz Scheduler. The scheduler helps manage all your appointments in one place, no need for extra plug-ins or other services. This is a seamless and organic integration with your websites, providing your clients with a very smooth and easy booking experience.

Wow! That's a ton of new tools, layouts, and other design features to help make your business more powerful online! 2020 is looking bright with even more features coming soon like Bulk Downloads (yay!). PhotoBiz continues to grow, making it the best all-in-one platform developed for photographers and creatives! Have questions or comments? Connect with us below and we'll see you next year!

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