Original Files: How It Works
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Thursday, September 03, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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Selling digital images is the center of many photographers’ business models. You may choose to sell images individually and/or in packages to curate the best options for your customers. With PhotoBiz Proofing, it is easy to sell digital files and packages (as well as print)! Proofing comes included in PhotoBiz’s website platform, or it can be purchased on its own. When you get PhotoBiz’s full website platform, you immediately get two digital file resolution options to sell to your clients:

(1) Web Resolution 

Images for web use. Max 1500x865 pixels and 72 dpi. Up to 4 MB.

(2) High Resolution

Max 3000x1730 pixels and 72 dpi. Up to 4 MB.

As you set up client galleries to show and sell images to your clients, you can choose what resolution your clients can purchase digital files in. And, you have full control over the pricing of your digital files. 

There is a third option! With our new premium feature Original Files, you unlock the ability to sell uncompressed images up to 25 MB, which can drive bigger sales.

Note: Original Files is included in Proofing Only plans.

What are Original Files?

Original Files enables you to upload, store, and share your original resolution files up to 25MB. That means if your file is 5000x5000 and 150 DPI (dots per inch), you can upload that file and the original quality and aspect will not change or be optimized for web presentation.

This premium feature is available for only $10/month.

Why does this matter?

Original Files gives you complete control over the resolution of the images you sell to your customers. 

Say you want to sell a social media image package that includes only web size images perfect for Facebook or Instagram. You can do that with the web resolution option. Then maybe you want to have control over the printing process for your work, but the customer still wants bigger files to print off themself, high resolution is great for allowing your clients to print files up to 11x16 inches at 72 DPI.

If selling your digital images at full resolution with no resizing or optimization is what you prefer, and letting customers print their own work how they please, Original Files is perfect and profitable! Your clients can use the images to print later, choose a size they haven't landed on yet for their wall space, and more.

How do I price my image resolution choices?

How you price your image resolution choices really depends on what you believe your time/work is worth for profitability. The choice is yours. 

You can choose to sell only Original Resolution images or you can allow clients to choose between download resolutions (you can offer up to three choices). For example, if you want to sell three different individual images at different prices you could structure your pricing like this. 

Note: Your prices may differ:





Full Resolution Image




High Resolution Image



Web Resolution Image




Or you could make digital packages such as allowing clients to select up to 10 images for a set price and offer a package at each resolution size. For example:

Size / Package




Full Resolution Package (10 images)




High Resolution Package (10 Images)



Web Resolution Package (10 Images)




Packages are often desirable and encourage people to purchase additional images.

What about selling entire galleries?

You can do that too! Simply enable Bulk Downloads for your client galleries (included with all plans). You can either turn on Bulk Downloads from the start so a client can download an entire gallery or set it up to allow your customer to purchase a package that can be downloaded in bulk.

You can control the download resolution for Bulk Downloads too. Set your prices how you like, it’s entirely up to you!

Want to see Original Files in action?

Check out our sample client gallery with Original Files enabled to see how your clients can experience Original Files.

Interested in learning more about Original Files? Click here to see more details about this new premium feature. 

Have a Proofing Only account with PhotoBiz? Original files are already enabled for you to upload and sell right away. 

Need help setting up Proofing to become a profitable powerhouse? Call our Passionate Support® team at 866.463.7620. They can help you get set up and start selling today.


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