New Templates: Raleigh, Oakland, Jensen & New Orleans
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Friday, August 11, 2017
By Holly H
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We've got a batch of 4 new templates for you this month! Say hello to Raleigh, Oakland, Jensen, and New Orleans.


Raleigh is made for big, impactful photos. The design is expansive and modern, and extra white space gives your images room to breathe.


This design features a large pop-out menu that covers 50% of the screen when activated. The menu items are also large and bold, which is ideal for websites with a smaller navigation structure. 


Oakland is fully framed with a wide border and recalls a portfolio look with its boxed design. The border is black by default, but you can change it to be any color you wish to match your branding. Pages load and scroll within the frame, and the menu is tucked into the top border of the page.


This template supports very colorful images brilliantly and definitely makes a statement!


Jensen is a clean and open template that is shown styled for architectural photography. The design gives ample space to show off large photos and offers an airy, refined feel.


The menu on Jensen does a neat little trick – opening flush with the bottom of the homepage, then scrolling and sticking to the top as it moves across the page. The logo also appears in the top right on the home page but is positioned in front and center on interior pages.


Photography provided by Ron Rosenzweig

New Orleans

New Orleans is styled for team and sports photography and puts your images on center stage. 


Fullscreen layouts maximize image size, with a stacked logo and menu fixed to the left side of the screen. The menu colors and backgrounds can be changed to match your branding and overlay your photos neatly.


Photography provided by Roma Pics

All of these templates are available and ready to use FREE in your site builder.


Wondering how your site would look with these designs?
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