New Templates! Angelou + Francesca
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Thursday, August 30, 2018
By Holly H
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Two new templates were released today! Introducing Angelou and Francesca, both ready to use on PhotoBiz 8. 

Each of these designs use our new Divider Block Layouts, which create these cool slanted lines, shapes, and overlays. These fun design features add a pop of whimsey to your site, and are very modern touches that look really cool.

Our friend Jenn Lewis just switched to Angelou today – and it looks amazing, but very different from the sample below! It all has to do with how the blocks are arranged and the style options you choose. Remember, your template is just a starting point… it’s your work and creativity that makes it YOURS!  

We invite you to take a look at our new designs below and try on a template to see what your site would look like with a fresh design! There are now 33 PhotoBiz 8 templates to choose from. Which is your favorite?









These templates are free, available, and ready to use in PhotoBiz 8.
Here's how to try on and change a template!


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