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Thursday, December 21, 2017
By Holly H
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Unified Online Sales & Proofing. Sell With NO Commission Fees!


PhotoBiz Proofing with Ecommerce is our best photo sales platform yet! Easily sell prints, digitals, packages & products directly from your proofing galleries. Everything is integrated for simple, seamless, stunningly beautiful in-person or online proofing. 

Awesome Design

Custom cover pages

Gallery layout options

Customizable colors & logos

Totally responsive for mobile


Privacy & Security

Custom watermarks

Password protected galleries

Right-click image protection

Secure payments


Super functional

Sell products, prints & packages

Digital downloads

Space for 5,000 images

No commission fees!


Built-In Sharing

Send to clients

Post to social media

Save favorites 

Comment & chat!


Try Out Sample Galleries:

Senior Proofing Gallery




Commercial Portrait Proofing Gallery




Family Proofing Gallery




Wedding Proofing Gallery




How Do I Get It?


If you already have PhotoBiz Ecommerce, you're good to go! All of our store and cart clients have this tool active on their websites right now. Just log in and set it up!


Here are detailed instructions on how to use & create an Ecommerce proofing gallery!


If you have a PhotoBiz Website, you'll need to add Ecommerce to access your selling tools. It's $10/month, and we can give you a free 2-week trial to make sure you like it.


Call us at 866-463-7620 to get that set up, or upgrade yourself in the "GET MORE" tab of your PhotoBiz control panel


If you're brand new, you can sign up for an Ecommerce package here: photobiz.com/ecommerce



What's coming next? LOTS!


In January 2018, we'll release our brand new web building platform, PhotoBiz 8!


It's easier to use, WAAAAAAAAY more flexible to build, and is just overloaded with tools and features that you're really going to love. We’re testing for bugs and wrapping everything up now, making sure it’s all beautiful and ready to go.


So stay tuned! We'll be releasing more PhotoBiz 8 info, sneak peeks, and features in the next couple of weeks.


If you have any questions about new Proofing for Ecommerce, want to give it a try, or want a walkthrough from our support team, just give us a ring at 866-463-7620. We're happy to help!

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Holly H - Hi Randy!

The galleries are working, I just haven't set up payment on them. Live galleries will go all the way through checkout, though, so don’t worry!

If I let it proceed, people could download real files from the gallery (which wouldn’t make our sample photographers happy). The other option was to disable selling digital images, but we definitely wanted to show that as a feature.

I’m glad you were testing out the samples! Let me know if you have any other questions about proofing.

Best, Holly
Randy - I tried your sample sites above and may be seeing a glitch. When I try to make a fake purchase, I am asked for my email and if I'd like to create an account. I then answered yes. Through the process, I was asked to log in again several times and never saw the process play all the way out.
Charity - Hi! I don't sell individual prints, but give my clients all of their digital files. Is there a way for them do download their images from my site?
Holly H - Hi Charity!

Yes! There is setting to allow free downloads of web or print resolution files. A lot of our photographers use proofing galleries as an easy way to hand over digital files to their clients. Just send and let them save!

-Holly H
Holly H - Hey Billie!

Your client can save their gallery as a phone app, so they can look at it anytime and show to friends & family.

You could try this out by going to one of the galleries above on your phone and selecting "Add To Home Screen." (For Apple, this is accessed via the SHARE feature, for Android, you'll tap the 3 vertical dots next to the URL.)

This article on our Support Hub explains exactly how to do it!
Billie - Hey Holly, Could I please see an example of an app from one of these proofing galleries? Thanks so much!
Hal - I am guessing we are fulfilling these orders and delivering ourselves?
Holly H - Hi Hal!

Yes, you will get the order and fulfill with the print lab of your choice. You can deliver, offer pickup, or set your shipping terms and fees paid by the client. Great question! Let me know if you have any more!

Thanks, Holly H
Holly H - Hi Cassie!

We designed Ecommerce Proofing to provide a better buying experience for clients. Images are big & beautiful, all of the favoriting, comment, and purchase options are right there, and checkout is seamless. Galleries look awesome on phones and tablets, too. And you can turn a gallery into an app for your clients.

On your end, the setup for galleries is streamlined, and gives you more control. If you’d like a walkthrough with our team or help moving to new proofing, we’ll be happy to do that and answer all of your questions!

Best, Holly
Holly H - Hi AnnMarie!

We have an import button that will take your current content and put it into the builder for you, so don't worry! You can keep a similar design, or try out one of our 20 all new templates that will be released, too! PhotoBiz 8 is way more flexible in design & options, so you can continue to make your site awesome exactly the way you want it. (Take a look at this site we've been building on PhotoBiz 8 – it's a work in progress, so please excuse! http://hemingway.photobiz.com)

We can also help you do this! Just call us and we'll help move you over :)

Cheers, Holly
AnnMarie Mannino - I am just now reading about your new Photobiz.com yo be launched in 2018. Will it change all the work I am putting into my new Eccomerce site? Will I have to start iver, or redo anything I am working on now?

Cassie - If I use events in the ecommerce panel for clients, what would the benefit be to change over to this??