New List Item Layouts For Longer Text
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Friday, September 28, 2018
By Holly H
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Words are great. As both a writer and a reader of words, I may be bit biased... but they're really tops. Especially where your website is concerned. Words impart important information and reinforce feeling. Plus, they're primary ranking factors for SEO. (Great for your website!)

Now, it's easier for you to put words everywhere on your site – including in list items!  


What are list items, again? 

List items let you mix and arrange different media together really quickly. Images, videos, text, and buttons are used in flexible combinations. But up until now, you couldn't include a whole lot of text without cropping.

Now, you can include all the text you like with no cropping!


How is this different from Text + Image blocks?

At a glance, this arrangement looks similar to one of the Text + Image layouts. However, with list items, you can include videos! You also won't have stacks and stacks of blocks – they'll all be contained in one place and much easier to manage.


What are good examples of how to use this new layout?

Now that you can have loads of text, this new list item layout is ideal for showcasing customer testimonials and reviews, particularly if you have video reviews! 

It's also great for displaying products or services, registering for workshops and events, and for videographers to give their featured videos more context.


Need help?

Call us! List items are powerful and versatile. We'd be happy to lend a hand and get your pages set up to be easier to manage and more impactful for your customers. We are here at 866-463-7620. Let us know how we can help!  


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