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Wednesday, February 12, 2020
By Jeremy H
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Note we recommend Chrome for best performance and clear your cache to see the new uploader versus the previous version.

Last month we announced Bulk Downloads plus other enhancements are rolling out this month. The first phase of this massive update is a new enhanced image uploader. It's now available for all PhotoBiz clients and hosts many new features.


Once you select your images and place them in the uploader no longer do you need to click upload. Your files will start uploading as soon as you drag them into the image uploader section.

Faster Upload Speed

One of the significant enhancements is for uploading speed. This speed increase is excellent for building faster pages and galleries for your business. For those using proofing galleries, you will be able to upload many files into galleries at faster rates. This enhancement will cut down on wait times and let you manage your galleries faster than ever.

Preparing for Bulk Download + Future Enhancements

The upload modification is to help make way for the Bulk Download options for PhotoBiz Proofing. This technology allows us to make file loading priorities for our PhotoBiz clients and yours.

Since PhotoBiz hosts the fastest websites in the world, we wanted to make all our tools reflect this. We will continue to make our platform faster for PhotoBiz users and their clients. As our Bulk Download project continues, the next phase will be for the Bulk Download option itself.

Stay connected to us on social media and our blog to follow our progress! If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our support team is waiting to assist you! 1-866-463-7620

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