New Holiday Templates For Marketing!
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Monday, November 20, 2017
By Holly H
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In your PhotoBiz store, you can set up all of your coupons, promo codes, sales, and gift cards in a snap.


But what about marketing those sales?


Email is a great place to start ... so is posting on social media. And doing both just got a heckuva lot easier!


Ta-Da! Brand new templates you can use to spread the word about your holiday promotions. you can send up to 100 emails each month for FREE with your PhotoBiz account.


Just pick the pre-styled template you want, customize with your words and offer ... and you're ready to send! 

New Holiday Designs!

These emails also double as landing pages! Quickly share the page you made to Facebook, Twitter & more to get lots of traffic to your store in a hurry.


So give it a try! Head over to your MARKETING tab to create some simple holiday marketing messages that come together in a jiffy. 


Happy Holidays!



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