New File Types You Can Upload On PhotoBiz
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Tuesday, July 07, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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PhotoBiz has made a lot of updates to file storage this year. We are happy to share another new feature— new types of files you can upload. Below is a complete list of file types you can now upload in your PhotoBiz account. You can store these in your file section, and use them with the clipboard or in image blocks.

Image file type

GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD [new]


Document file types

PDF, DOC [new], DOCX [new], XLS [new], XLSX [new]


Audio file type



Other file types [all new]

OTF [new], TTF [new], WOFF2 [new], ZIP [new]

Each of these files can be up to 4MB a piece, but you can increase that if you enable the Original Files add-on. This will allow you to upload files as large as 25MB each. You can activate this in the GET MORE section of your PhotoBiz control panel.

These new file types are a welcome addition to the PhotoBiz platform that will allow you to accept more file types from customers through form uploads as well as store and link to your own content. Need help understanding the new file types? Give our team a call at 866.463.7620. We're here to assist you.

Stay tuned for more new features!


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