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Thursday, September 10, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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As technology evolves so do the potential risks. Security is of the utmost importance to PhotoBiz. That’s why this week we’ve introduced new reCAPTCHA spam filters and security measures to counter bots and other types of spammers who crawl the internet looking to capture information.

These new features aim to cut down on unwanted spam messages and notifications received through your blog comments and form submissions. 

How to enable reCAPTCHA spam filtering

To enable the free reCAPTCHA security feature, log into your PhotoBiz account, click on MENU, then go to the SETTINGS tab and select POLICY SETTINGS. Here you will see a section at the bottom of the page to enable the new spam filters.

Get Keys and activate reCAPTCHA v2 on your account

You must connect Google reCAPTCHA to your PhotoBiz account. Follow the steps in this support article to get set up with Google reCAPTCHA. This walk through will help you determine which version to enable and how to get your SITE KEY and SECRET KEY, which are needed to allow Google reCAPTCHA to work.

The new spam blocker is available in all PhotoBiz accounts. 

You can choose your level of security, from EASIER FOR USERS to MORE SECURE. With reCAPTCHA enabled, bots will be stopped because the security features recognize human input such as a keyboard and mouse versus a bot-driven script. Anything that feels abnormal or spam-related will result in prompts for extra security.

Need help getting this setup? Give our support team a call at 1.866.463.7620. We will be happy to help you enable this feature in your account.

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Yaneck Wasiek - Big thanks for adding this feature! Love it! Happy you added the Invisible option which makes the form easy but it's still protected.