New Additional Storage Pricing Options
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Tuesday, June 09, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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Looking to increase the amount of storage space you need to showcase and sell your images? PhotoBiz has created more options for our additional storage space. Before, we sold additional storage space in increments of 5,000 files for $5/month. With the growing popularity of PhotoBiz Proofing and the need to store more images online to share with your clients, we’ve created more options to make it easier and scalable with your business needs, oh and more files now cost less (you read that right)! We believe in transparency and so we make our pricing transparent, so it is easy to understand how much space you have, with no hidden fees or charges.

Check out the options to purchase more storage space for less: 

You can choose to add additional file storage space to your account from your PhotoBiz control panel. After you log in, go to the Get More Tab and click on More Storage.

Additional file space is not only great for Proofing, but it’s also great for maintaining storage for all your images online. You can use this space to keep backups of your images or make larger galleries on your website. You can grow your business the way you like, all with one platform – PhotoBiz.


What is transparent pricing?

PhotoBiz doesn’t use words like unlimited loosely. So we let you know how much you get right away, no hidden fees or games. When it comes to file storage space, all new accounts initially come with space to store 5,000 files, and then you can upgrade to more space as you need it (and downgrade when you don’t). 

What if I want to downgrade later?


If you want to downgrade the amount of additional file storage space, simply download and delete your files before selecting the smaller file option that meets your needs. We don’t know (and don’t want to make any assumptions about) what files you want to keep and what files you want to remove from your account in order to reduce your file plan, so you need to make those choices before you change your plan.

PhotoBiz continues to grow so you can keep your business growing too. We hope these new additional file storage space options will help your business. Need help getting additional files added to your account? Give our Passionate Support® a call at 1.866.463.7620. We’ll be happy to assist you.


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