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Friday, June 14, 2019
By Holly H
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PhotoBiz is more than JUST a website!  

Did you know your site comes with tools to help you make money, get paid, and streamline the billing side of business for you?

If you’re taking card payments on the phone, chasing down clients for checks, or dealing with paper forms, use the FREE tools included in your account instead to make money way easier. 

PhotoBiz has ZERO commission fees so you can sell with your store, send free invoices, book sessions & take deposits easily online!

Here’s how it all works and how to make more money with your PhotoBiz website. 



First: Connect a Merchant

To begin taking online payments, you will need to connect a merchant to your PhotoBiz website. Merchants handle the secure financial portion of getting you paid online. 

Our merchants include the web's most trusted payment partners, like Stripe, PayPal, PayJunction, Itransact, Authorize.net, or Payflow Pro.

PhotoBiz does not collect any extra fees for selling online, however merchants may charge a small transaction fee. You can see their rates and choose the best match for your business model.



Get Paid With Forms

Forms are extremely versatile and easy to create. You can add a payment block to any form to start getting paid! That means you can create forms to book sessions, take deposits, register workshops and even sell products.

YES! You can let a client book a session, sign a release, and pay you all at once – just by visiting your website!

Use PhotoBiz Forms To:

  • Book sessions
  • Take payments & deposits
  • Sign contracts with official signatures
  • Submit model release for
  • Register workshops
  • Take senior model applications
  • Create custom order forms
  • All kinds of lead generation



Send Professional Invoices

Create and send itemized, custom invoices for free and let clients pay online. Invoices are an essential business tool that most other systems make you pay extra for. But with PhotoBiz, you can create and send unlimited professional invoices to your clients for free! 

Bill for products or services and email to your client. They can pay online in full or in installments, based on your preferences. You can see in your dashboard who has paid and who needs a reminder. Set due dates and re-send invoices with a click!

Invoicing makes it so you never have to take a card over the phone or chase down a check again! Just send an invoice and get paid – quick and easy.



Sell Prints & Packages With Proofing

PhotoBiz Proofing is included with your website and lets you proof and sell prints, packages, and photo items to clients in one place.

Each client gallery enables you to proof in-person or online and comes with Commerce built in, so customers can pick their prints, photos & gifts and check out all at once! Sharing tools let you send galleries to the extended family or share online to capture even more orders. Your photos are right-click protected and can be watermarked to protect your work. 

Proofing is a beautiful, powerful engine that helps you get more sales!



Sell In Your Online Store


PhotoBiz also gives you a full online store to sell products & gear – anything you can think of! Again, we charge NO commission fees, so you can keep all of the money you earn with your store. Your online store is completely integrated with your website to offer a cohesive, all-in-one experience for customers. 

Customize your product offerings and categories, add images, let clients pick options, sizes, colors, and more. You can configure shipping and taxes, offer sales, coupons, discounts, and gift cards. The PhotoBiz online store makes it simple to set up products, take orders, and get paid online.



Questions? We Are Here To Help!

The PhotoBiz team can help you set up your tools and account to start making money today online. We can show you how to use Forms, Proofing, your Store, or Invoices, and are glad to do it! Just call our team toll-free at 1-866-463-7620 and speak to a PhotoBiz web expert.

We can't wait to help you start making money online!

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