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Friday, August 16, 2019
By Holly H
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If you haven’t heard by now, PhotoBiz 8 sites are fast. Like, REALLY fast. Fastest website on the planet, fast. (Really!) 

Thanks to streamlined code, fast servers, right-sized images, and optimized tools, PhotoBiz 8 websites load in a snap and perform exceptionally well on mobile. Nobody likes to wait for a site to load. And with PhotoBiz, your customers won’t have to. 

I can talk all day about how a fast site gets you better SEO and increases conversions or helps clients choose you over competitors. But let’s look at some real photographer sites and see those speeds in action. 

We tested a bunch of real-life websites using Google PageSpeed Insights, the authority on speed and website performance. (Try it for yourself!) Each site receives two scores – a mobile score and a desktop score. A score of 90 or higher is ideal… but PhotoBiz 8 sites get near-perfect marks without breaking a sweat. 

Here are some of our customers’ websites and the scores they get according to Google.

Ashley Gambino Photography

Template: Leibovitz

Mobile Score: 100

Desktop Score: 100

Why it's fast: Ashley Gambino's website knocks it out of the park with an amazing score of 100 for both desktop AND mobile versions! This site looks and works just as well on phones and tablets, so her customers can book sessions and get in touch instantly from anywhere. 


Sarah Marie Photography

Template: Woolf

Mobile Score: 96

Desktop Score: 100

Why it's fast: Even though Sarah's homepage sports over a dozen images, it loads up immediately in less than a second. PhotoBiz was built for photographers, and makes it easy to display your images in multiple layouts with automatic resizing and optimization for web.

Maxine Evans Photography

Template: Hemingway

Mobile Score: 98

Desktop Score: 100

Why it's fast: Maxine Evans's gorgeous website is instantly available for her busy Los Angeles clients thanks to lightning-fast servers that actually get faster with each visit. We use cutting edge tech to make sure no matter how busy (or remote) your location, your site is always on and available. 

BigIdeas Creations

Template: Oscar

Mobile Score: 100

Desktop Score: 100

Why it's fast: Clean & simple design helps BigIdeas Creations reach a perfect score on mobile and on desktop! This design is smooth and well-put together, making sure everything's in reach while wow-ing clients with big, beautiful imagery. 

Jenee Cook Photography

Template: Vincent

Mobile Score: 95

Desktop Score: 100

Why it's fast: Jenee Cook's website offers a bounty of tools, galleries & information and even includes integrations and content-heavy pages. This site handles effortlessly, however, thanks to simple code with no junk or fillers.

These are just a few examples of the blazing fast loading speeds possible with PhotoBiz 8. We're so proud to offer you and your clients the absolute best experience, service, designs, tools and SPEEDS possible as you grow your business online. 

Go ahead and test your own site to see how it performs. If it's not as fast as you like, there could be a couple simple things you can do to improve website speed & performance.

If you're not yet using PhotoBiz 8, we invite you to give it a try! Get in touch with our team and we can get you all set up with the best & fastest website builder available. 

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