Inside A Custom Logo Design With Ashlie A.
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Friday, September 09, 2016
By Holly H
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Ashlie A is our resident logo design expert, and she’s brilliant at bringing her clients’ visions to vibrant life.


During her time at PhotoBiz, Ashlie has completed hundreds of designs and it shows in the diversity and quality of her work. Because she’s worked with so many different kinds of clients, Ashlie says it’s always an adventure.


“We work with a lot of photographers. But I’ve done designs for makeup artists, yoga studios, even a local media station… really a little bit of everything! But that means we’re always learning and experimenting. It’s never the same thing.” 


“All clients are different. I have a client right now who does newborn photography, and she wants a light, watercolor look for her logo. Another wants something completely different and original. Totally from scratch. It’s a fun challenge. I like challenges.”


Some designs take on a life of their own as the creative process works through its many iterations. One of Ashlie's talents is getting to the heart of what a client is really asking for, even if they aren't sure of what they need. 


To Ashlie, the fun part is uncovering a design that her client may not have known they wanted all along. 


“Most of time a client will start off knowing what they want. Or think they know what they want! But in talking about all their ideas and after they see the first round of logos that I create, they get inspired. Then we really take off to make something they fall in love with... that they may not have thought of on their own!”


In speaking about her process, Ashlie reveals that she draws from a deep toolbox of skills. Ashley studied fine art as well as graphic design, and she balances both digital artistry and hand-drawing when creating her logos.


“I sketch ideas by hand, and I also work digitally. We use all the tools available to us, including digital elements and original ideas to create exactly what a client is looking for.”


No two designs are the same. “Everything is unique for each client.”

After completing so many designs, one might think she’s done it all. But working with clients in a wide array of industries keeps Ashlie on her toes.


“My favorite designs are when I start off on a completely new direction that I’ve never done before and have to learn how to make it work.”


When asked to share a particularly challenging design, Ashlie recalls pulling out all the stops to create a vintage masterpiece.


“I recently had a client who wanted something old and vintage. We started with 4 designs that the client liked, but they wanted to go further. I really had to push myself to make something incredible that would blow her away. The end result was really cool.”


Growing and learning as an artist and delivering the perhaps dreamed of (but never expected) is what gives Ashlie the greatest joy.


“When I’m challenged with something I’ve never done, but then succeed – those are my favorite designs.”


Interested In Getting Your Own Custom Logo Design? Here's How It Works:

Your logo design will start immediately, and complete in less than 30 days – in sometimes as few as 3 weeks.


Designs begin with a consultation with your design consultant. You'll share your likes, dislikes, branding, colors, personal style and examples of logos that you love. After we get to know your business and tastes, we'll design a handful of beautiful logos to send for feedback.


If you fall in love with one immediately, your logo design is complete! If the logos need tweaks, we will complete up to two more rounds of revisions until you land on the perfect design.


After the logo is finalized, you'll receive all of the digital files you need to plaster your new logo everywhere – on your website, business cards, social media, vehicles, coffee mugs, t-shirts... wherever! The new logo is yours to keep forever and use however you like.

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Jacqueline R. Moore - what is the cost of a logo?
John K. PhotoBiz - Jacqueline,

You can find the cost at here https://photobiz.com/logo-design - it's one time, $250.
Jina LaFary Photography - Ashlie, designed my logo and website and I LOVE IT!!!! She took my ideas and made the most beautiful website I could have ever imagined.....I am absolutely in love with it.....The compliments I have got have been ah-MAZing! Thank You Ashlie! You ROCK!
John K. - Thank you for your kind words Jina, I will share them with Ashlie!
John K. - Jocelyn,

Thank you for your kind words, I'll be sure to pass them along to Ashlie. We're glad you love your logo!
Jocelyn Knox - I LOVE the logo Ashlie designed for my studio! She totally nailed the vintage tattoo feel I wanted, and I'm thrilled with the end product. The process was easy and Ashlie was great to work with. I do my own graphic design work but wanted to hire someone else for this because I wanted to get out of my own head and style and see what was possible. If you're considering spending the money, I highly recommend it! Thanks again, Ashlie!!!