How to Use Tags to Create Better Email Marketing Campaigns
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Friday, May 15, 2020
By Jeremy H
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When someone interacts with your site, how do you know what they want or who they are? How did they find you? How did they first contact you? How will you contact them in the future? This is where using tags in the PhotoBiz Marketing Suite comes in handy.

What is a tag?

A tag is a label. They can be assigned to contacts in the PhotoBiz Marketing Suite based on actions they take on your site. This can include purchasing a product or service in your online store (so you know what is purchased), completing a digital form (so you know what type of form is submitted, from contracts, registrations, or a simple contact form), or submitting a comment on a blog post (so you can keep track of what kind of posts they engage with). 

When a customer completes one of these actions, a tag can get added to their contact record and you can use those tags to organize your contacts and tailor how and what you communicate with them.

Tagging customers is helpful to understanding who your clients are and what their needs are. 

So where do you find this information? In the CONTACTS TAB. When a contact is created a profile is generated in the PhotoBiz Client Relationship Manager (CRM), which is part of the PhotoBiz Marketing Suite.

What's a CRM?

The CRM is a customer database built inside the PhotoBiz platform. It stores essential customer data, such as emails, names, and addresses. It's also where your client's tags are stored. Tags are a powerful tool that can make marketing to clients easier. For example:

If John Doe contacted me through the contact page on my website and I have a tag set up for the contact form called Contact Form, when I view John Doe’s profile I will see he is tagged with Contact Form.


This can apply to products and services as well. For example:

If John Doe purchased a photo package from my PhotoBiz online store and the photo package on the specific product is tagged with Photo Packages, the product you tagged the customer purchases will now have that tag associated with their profile.


So Why Is This Important?

With this data, you can make targeted decisions regarding your email marketing campaigns. This includes targeting specific customers for your campaigns instead of sending the information to all of them. Sending targeted emails leads to better conversions. One case study from 2012, saw a 208% conversion rate jump when using more targeted emails versus blasting an email to all customers.

When you target your emails to a segment of your customers you can write more engaging and personalized messages. For example, you can convert your wedding and engagement clients into family session clients, but you may not want to tell your family session clients about your wedding and engagement specials. Sending a customer something they don't care about can lead to fewer email opens and worse yet more unsubscribes.

How to Set Up Tags

Setting up tags is easy, but often can be overlooked. Here's how you do it for each specific tool in the PhotoBiz platform.

On a Blog

Once you start a new blog post, the tagging option is to the top left of the BLOG BUILDER section. Click the TAG ICON, and a lightbox will open for you to set up your tags. Add as many tags as you like but be specific and consistent, each tag you add to your blog will do three things:


  1. Tags the client with all the assigned tags if they comment on the blog.

  2. Generates keywords for the meta data associated with your blog post. (You can modify these.)

  3. Allows the blog post to be found by searching that term within your website's built-in search function, if enabled.


Make sure you CLICK SAVE after you set up the tags. If you don't click save, the tags will not be added to the post.


On a Form

When creating a new form, in the top left corner of the FORM BUILDER section, is the TAG ICON. Click on it and set up your tags. Tags are used for one thing on forms: 

  1. Tags the contact when they submit a specific form.

Make sure you CLICK SAVE when you are done setting up tags on a form. If you don't click save, the tags will not be added to the form.


On a Product/Service

When adding or editing a product or service in the ECOMMERCE TAB, you may add tags.  As you start  to set up or edit the product or service details, pricing, shipping information, and photo there is an option to add tags. Tagging a product or services does four things:


  1. Tags the contact who purchases a specific product or service, after saving the customer's information to the PhotoBiz CRM.

  2. Allows the products and services to become searchable within your websites built-in search function, if enabled.

  3. Generates meta keywords for the items page. (You can modify the SEO settings.)

  4. Enables reporting of the most purchased items and categories in the ECOMMERCE DASHBOARD.


Make sure to CLICK ADD after you set up the tags. If you don't click ADD, the tags will not be added to the product or service.


NOTE: We do not store client credit card information. That information is processed through your chosen merchant. This is done for PCI compliance and risk management.


Once you add tags to your products, services, blogs, and forms, you can use your PhotoBiz CRM to send email marketing campaigns to targeted lists of your contacts. 

You can also upload clients to your CRM and assign them tags.

If you have a customer list outside of the PhotoBiz CRM, you can add them to by importing a .CSV file. When you upload the file, you can label the contacts as CUSTOMER, LEADS, or VENDORS, and assign them a TAG. You can add as many tags as you like, it's up to you how you want to tag your clients. After you select the appropriate labels and tags click IMPORT.

If you have customers in your CRM before you set up tags, you can go back and manually add tags to customers in your list as well.


Using Tags to Send Emails

After you set up an email marketing campaign and you are ready to send it, CLICK SEND. You'll be prompted to choose who to send it to:


You can choose between preset labels like CUSTOMER (people who have purchased something through your online store), LEADS (people who have submitted forms and left comments on your blog but have never made an online payment through your website) , and VENDORS (people you label manually to indicate as partner or business you do business with) or by TAGS. When you select tags, you will see all the tags you have created for the system. You can choose to send an email to multiple tags or a single one. You can exclude people from an email based on tags as well. Once you select the options for who you want to send the email to, hit CONTINUE to SEND.

Using tags to organize your client list and send targeted emails can lead to a better understanding of who your contacts are and greater conversions from contacts (or leads) to customers. 

If you need help setting up the PhotoBiz CRM and learning how it can help your business, give us a call at 866.463.7620. Our Passionate Support® team is ready to help.


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