How To Send Irresistible Holiday Emails
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Monday, November 05, 2018
By Holly H
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Email Marketing is essential for busy photographers... especially during the holidays! That’s because everyone’s busy this time of year, and emails are a quick and convenient way for you and your customers to connect on all of your busy schedules. 

Whether you're blasting Black Friday deals, or just showering customers with seasonal love, email is super effective for landing more holiday traffic. 

An easy way to start is by sending to the people who already know your business. 

We’re talking former customers, blog readers, and friends – people who have already interacted with you! This will take the pressure off of you to create a Genius Marketing Campaign™ and simply connect with folks who already love you. And if you convince them to come back and buy again, all the better! Email is not only about making sales, it’s about nurturing relationships, too. 

PhotoBiz has made it easy to create great-looking email campaigns in a snap! All you have to do is visit your MARKETING tab and pick a template to customize. Every PhotoBiz user has 100 free marketing emails to send each month, so if you haven’t tried sending an email campaign, now’s the perfect time to try!

If you're scratching your head thinking of who to send emails to, you're in luck! Your PhotoBiz Client Relationship Builder has been keeping track of leads and customers all year. Everyone who’s filled out a form, commented on your blog, viewed a proofing gallery, or ordered from you has been neatly saved in your Contact List. Using tags, you can separate your customer list into bite-size, targeted segments when sending emails.

Here are some ideas for irresistible holiday emails you can send right now!

7 Holiday Emails Your Clients Will Love

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Everyone’s is looking for a great deal right after Thanksgiving… so give ‘em one! Offer a discount on sessions or products to secure some sales from bargain shoppers.  


Last Minute Bookings

Need to fill gaps in your calendar? Advertise your openings and make it easy for last-minute shoppers (and holiday card givers) to get great photos for the holidays. Pair it with a discount, and you'll be busy all season!


Gift Guides!

Everyone is looking for great gifts for the holidays! If you sell products, prints, framed items, etc., let customers know they can get all of the gifts they need for their family members in one place!  


Advertise A One-Day Sale

Keep your customers' interest after the Black Friday rush by picking a day in December to offer an additional treat – then let everyone know! You'll stay top of mind with customers and give your sales a boost, too.  


Say Thank You!

Show your appreciation for customers by sending them a quick “Thank You” message! You can even include a coupon to use on next year's session, prints or products. It's a nice way to say thanks and gain some goodwill towards next year. 


Give Referral Bonuses

Your customers have friends, and the power of word-of-mouth is astonishing. Ask customers to recommend you by offering a discount to their friends. Happy clients will jump at the chance to get their friends a great deal – especially if they get a coupon, too. 


Offer Pre-Booking For Next Year

It's the most wonderful time of the year… and the busiest! So if customers would rather wait to book their sessions, you can offer discounts and incentives for pre-booking on next year. This kind of campaign gets customers to think past December 25th, so you can start your new year with a fuller calendar.

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