How To Promote Holiday Mini-Sessions
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Wednesday, November 07, 2018
By Holly H
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You’ve set the date, secured the perfect location, and made a sign-up form on your website. Well done! You’re on your way to having a great mini-session! 

All you have to do now is to tell people about it. Which means you’ll have to do a little bit of (ugh!) writing to spread the word. Don’t worry, promoting your mini session is not as hard as you think. Social media and email are going to be your best friends, and it’s a good idea to start small and test the waters by posting on Facebook or Instagram. Pick a great photo, announce your session, and include a link back to your registration form. (In Instagram, you can put a link in your bio.) Now, see what kind of response you get! 

Once you feel good about advertising your mini-session, you might think about making promoting your post so way more people will see it. Facebook and Instagram offer advanced targeting options so you can hone in on your audience and spend your marketing dollars wisely. For example, you may choose to target “young moms within 20 miles of your area.” Again, don’t be afraid to start small and just see how a quick $5 post does. You might be surprised! 

Email Marketing is another very effective way to promote your mini-sessions. Every PhotoBiz user has free emails to send each month, plus you probably already have a contact list from the people who’ve interacted with your website. It’s as easy as picking a template, personalizing the text and images, and including a link to your registration form! 

These emails you create can also be shared as a landing page, so feel free to share that link on social media for an extra-polished and professional touch. 

As for what to say, keep it simple! Give basic info and a couple key details and you can’t fail. 



Don’t bet on everyone already knowing what a mini-session is! Quickly tell your audience what to expect, and what the session will be like! 


Let clients know who these mini-sessions are for. Families, siblings, couples, furry friends - be clear on who you’re photographing!


Mini-sessions are usually taken over the course of a day or a couple of days. Tell people the time slots you have available according to your schedule. 


Are you shooting in a studio or outdoors? Make sure to choose an accompanying photo that will give customers a good idea of what their finished photos will look like.  


Talk about why mini-sessions are great for the holidays! From gift-giving to holiday cards and preserving memories, Benefits can range from gift giving & holiday cards to simply preserving memories.


Be transparent on how your mini-session will run from start to finish. This way, your day runs smoothly and your clients are prepared when it's their turn. Following up with blog posts about things like “what to wear” are great to keep the conversation going, and are an awesome resource for your customers.

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