How to Make Landing Pages
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Wednesday, January 15, 2020
By Holly H
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A landing page is a simple, focused webpage that stands on its own to fulfill a single marketing purpose.

It's where a visitor "lands" after clicking on an ad from Facebook, Google, or another website. Whether your goal is to make sales, tell the world about an offer, or get more leads, landing pages are a simple and effective way to get more attention to your business and convert visitors at a higher rate.

In terms of design, landing pages are focused on a single goal – turning a random browser into a customer. The idea is to get the offer out there and get the sale quickly, so keeping the design simple is key. Landing pages are about speed.


Key features of a landing page

  • Simple, focused on a single goal
  • Centered around a big, bold call to action
  • Includes limited additional links

Compared to other pages on your website, landing pages look and function differently.

Your homepage, for instance, gives visitors a broad overview of your services. There are a lot of links. The page might be long. There's usually a top menu or a footer with even more links and information.

Landing pages, in contrast, are centered around one idea and one offer. There's usually only one link. The menu and footer are removed. The page is slimmed down to a single Call To Action, with a way to complete that action.


Types of landing pages:

  • Generate buzz
  • Give a thank-you gift
  • Offer a download or ebook
  • Drive newsletter subscriptions
  • Give coupons or discount codes
  • Get referrals
  • Generate leads
  • Sell products
  • Register for events
  • Book sessions
  • Hold a contest or giveaway
  • Make appointments

Making a landing page with PhotoBiz is easy.

We have a library of templates to get you started, so you can quickly customize your landing page and get it out there!

Using the drag & drop visual builder, you can add images, text, and headlines to make your offer enticing to visitors. Finish it off with a button to a form, your store, a booking page!

Once you've created a great landing page, share it with the world!

Grab the URL and promote it on social media or Google ads. You can even send your landing page via email to a list of saved contacts.

Give it a try! You can make a great landing page really fast to use for your next campaign. 

If you'd like some help, give our friendly support team a call! We're here to answer any questions you have so you can create effective pages that get you more sales. We are standing by Monday through Friday, 9AM – 8PM to assist in any way we can!

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PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi Greg! You can link to a form with a button… OR! You can turn a regular website page into a landing page by removing the header and footer with code. This works best on PhotoBiz 8… but is also possible with legacy products. Give our support team a call and we can help you set it up! (866-463-76200
Robin - Thank you for this quick informational! I am new to all of this and it really helped me understand landing pages better!
Pedrielle - I'd like to learn about the landing pages
Greg - But I can't add a form. A form is what's needed for a landing page.