How To Embed a HoneyBook Form on PhotoBiz
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Thursday, September 05, 2019
By Holly H
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PhotoBiz comes with a built-in form maker so you can build all kinds of forms & contracts for your website.  

But if you use another solution (like HoneyBook), you can use that, too! 

It’s easy to integrate your HoneyBook forms in your PhotoBiz website by using an embed code. Here’s how to do it:

1.  Make Your Form

You can get started for free at HoneyBook.com! Customize your form until it’s perfect. 

2.  Publish Form & Get Code

When you’re done, click the “PUBLISH” button. You’ll see a pop-up with an embed code. Click “COPY CODE” to grab it.

3.  Go To Your PhotoBiz Page & Add an HTML Block

Log in and navigate to the page that needs a form in your Builder. Add an HTML block from the icon list on the right.

4. Add the Code

Paste in the code and click the “SAVE CHANGES” button.

5. Done!

Voila! You have a Honeybook form on your PhotoBiz Website!

PhotoBiz integrates easily with many 3rd party tools via embed codes. Check with your specific provider if you would like know how to obtain an embed code to use on your PhotoBiz website.

Just as a reminder, PhotoBiz is an all-inclusive platform includes many built-in tools, like a Form builder, Proofing galleries, Marketing tools (including emails, landing pages, pop-ups & sticky banners), a CRM & more for free!

If you’d like to learn how to use these tools or find out more about what is included with your website, we invite you to give our Passionate Support® team a call. We are happy to walk you through what is included with your PhotoBiz website and show you how to use your tools to the fullest.

Our phone number is 1-866-463-7620. It’s toll-free, and we are available Monday – Friday, from 9 AM to 8PM to help however we can!

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