How does PhotoBiz compare to other website builders for photographers?
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Thursday, February 06, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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Based on data current as of 2/6/2020.

The PhotoBiz platform is an easy-to-use website builder with many tools to make all photography businesses more accessible, cheaper, and more centralized. Our website platform is designed in-house by our research development teams, not outsourced or reliant on plugins and third-party tools. All of this is backed by our award-winning customer support team and straight-forward pricing. Want to see how we stack up against known competitors? Our research marketing team went through a list of other providers to show how our Website Package compares.

Easy Comparison Chart

Data Source & Method: For each platform, our team went through all their pricing and feature indexes. These are high-level results for main resources photographers may require for their business. All platforms use tiered pricing for their packages. We used their closest tier's annual prices versus our single price ($25).

A word about Wordpress

Wordpress was initially designed as a blogging tool in the earlier 2000s when words like "blogosphere" were still a thing. It's an open-source platform for people to develop tools for, but over time, it hasn't changed much. For most, it's still a hard tool to use and relies heavily on plug-ins built by developers (most of them created by a single person). Wordpress requires constant monitoring and updating; theme updates can break plug-ins indefinitely until a developer fixes it (and that's if a developer fixes it). 

Though it may give flexibility, it requires know-how, time, and possibly more money. PhotoBiz has been built and developed for photographers since day one. We continue to make our tools more powerful, from scheduling tools, proofing enhancements, and page speeds.

If you're interested in learning more about PhotoBiz, check out our feature index and pricing charts to see all the amazing features you get with our platform.

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