How A Proofing Gallery Can Turn 1 Client Into 100
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Thursday, June 30, 2016
By Holly H
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There are plenty of photo proofing solutions out there. But do they bring you new customers?


We love tools that do double duty. Ones that not only work, but work with your other tools to improve your business.


Take Proofing, for instance. With most of the other options out there, it’s a standalone tool that does the job – but doesn't integrate with your website, doesn’t have built-in communication, and doesn’t get you more customers.


Standalone proofing doesn’t add to your lead generation strategy. It doesn’t make you any more sales.


PhotoBiz Proofing is different.

Proofing comes free with every PhotoBiz website or online store. It’s linked up with your website, address book, messaging, and email marketing tools.




Because every customer has friends and family. Each customer is linked to hundreds of potential new clients on social media and beyond.


When your client shares a gallery (or you share and tag your customer) everyone who visits the gallery is saved into your website’s lead generation engine. They’re a potential new client who is ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your awesome shots.


And social proof is the best kind of advertisement you can get. If someone is looking for a photographer, they’ll trust a friend or family member's recommendation over an impersonal ad or stranger's review every time.

Leveraging your social network is a a huge opportunity for you to get some personal screen time with hundreds of seniors, brides to be, families – people who need your services.


And the more they share your work, the more exposure you get...and the more emails are added to your list.


All that’s left for you to do is send a quick coupon or promo their way and watch the inquiries come rolling in.

That’s what we mean by having tools that all work together. Website, proofing galleries, and Client Relationship Builder that make it easy to turn one client into hundreds.

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Holly H - Hi Elizabeth!

Yes, your gallery images are right-click protected, so people can't download them if the gallery is shared. You can also put watermarks on images to protect against people taking screenshots. Sharing can even be turned OFF, and you can password protect galleries, too.

Thank you for bringing this up, it's a great question! A lot of photographers worry about their ability to protect their images, and in Proofing you have the control to fine-tune your visitors' level of access.
elizabeth - When clients share their galleries, are the photos R click protected?