Does PhotoBiz Support Video?
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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
By John K.
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When we released PhotoBiz 8, we knew were going to give our clients the fastest and most customizable website builder around. You have the ability to showcase all of your absolute best work, everything from your signature images to videos you have done for your clients.

One question we’ve gotten more and more recently is “Does PhotoBiz support video”? The simple answer is yes!

Video is something that many photographers like you use to promote your studio, and we’ve made it incredibly easy to put those videos to work on your PhotoBiz website! Let’s take a closer look together at how easy you can put video to use with PhotoBiz.


Find Your Video Provider

There are many options out there for video hosting providers that allow you to embed your video into your website and also provide fast and stable hosting for your videos.

The two most common providers we see are YouTube and Vimeo and both of them integrate nicely with PhotoBiz.

Once you’ve uploaded your video to your video service provider, you’ll be provided with an embed code so you can showcase your video content on your PhotoBiz website.


Where Can My Video Show On My Website?

You can show your video anywhere you want on your website. If you want to feature your video on a home page banner, no problem! If you want to have a section with multiple videos, or even in your blog posts, that is also very easy to do. PhotoBiz 8 makes it easy for you to have video content anywhere that you want on your website.

Here are some great examples of fellow PhotoBiz users who have incorporated video content into their websites:

For details on how to utilize the video block on your PhotoBiz 8 website builder, check out this awesome tutorial or give our Web Consultants a call at 866.463.7620 and we’ll show you how easy it is to put your video content on your website.

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