COMING SOON: Square, Scheduler & Bulk Downloads
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019
By Holly H
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Three HUGE updates are coming to your PhotoBiz account!

Square Integration will make it easier to sell to clients & make money using PhotoBiz Ecommerce. An integrated Scheduler will enable clients to book consultations, sessions, shoots, and more! Plus, you'll be able to give clients an easier way to get images with Bulk Downloads!

These updates are coming very soon (in this order) throughout the Fall & Winter of this year.


We are putting in the final pieces to add Square Ecommerce integration to PhotoBiz websites & tools.

Square is one of the most trusted payment processors, with low fees and high reliability. Many people already use Square for in-person sales, and soon you'll be able to join it with your online sales for a unified solution.

Square works as a merchant on all of our tools to take payments – in the PhotoBiz Store, Proofing galleries, on Forms, or even Invoicing. However you get paid, you can do it with Square and the PhotoBiz universal checkout.

As always, this will be available for you to use commission-free. We provide this to you at no extra cost as a service to help you grow and get paid easier with your website tools.


Let clients book services on your PhotoBiz website with a fully integrated booking solution.

Set your hours and availability and let clients schedule themselves. You can block out time if you need, take payments or deposits upfront, book different services on one scheduler system, and get a run-down of your appointments from your dashboard.

The PhotoBiz schedule is easy to use and allows you to book consultations, photoshoots, in-person sales sessions, and much, much more! This is a flexible tool to streamline your workflow and help you make money with your PhotoBiz website!


Our most requested features for Proofing are finally on the way!

Soon, you will be able to add a "Download All" feature to your Proofing galleries, allowing clients to save all of their images in one click! (You will be able to turn this feature on or off as you choose.) This makes Proofing even better for your photography clients, giving them the option to receive all of their digital files as one downloadable zip file.

Being able to download all photos will be a lifesaver for clients with large galleries, or who need digital files without having to use external methods to transfer those files. All of your downloads can be handled seamlessly by the PhotoBiz system.

(UPDATE 9/12/19) – We will also be adding the ability to download much larger file sizes, up to original size files via Proofing! This release will happen at the same time as bulk downloads.  

We are so thrilled to be able to finally share with you what we have been working on over the past several months!

Our development team has been going full speed to bring you the most useful features and integrations so you can run your business in one place, book more sessions, and get paid effortlessly with PhotoBiz.

Our mission is to build the most complete, comprehensive, and easy platform for photographers and bring you the best the web has to offer!

We will be releasing more details about these new features as release day nears. Until then, keep an eye on the blog, your email, and our social media for more updates! We will be sharing helpful tips, advice, and examples of how you can use your included PhotoBiz tools and features to grow your business (and make it more profitable, too)!

As always, give us a holler here, on the webs, and in-person! We love hearing how you'll use your tools. We are always available to answer questions and take suggestions – our Passionate Support® line is 866-463-7620 and we love talking to YOU!