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Tuesday, March 17, 2020
By Jeremy H
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Yes, it's true! Bulk Downloads is available today for free for all PhotoBiz Customers! We're very excited to announce the release of one of our most anticipated features. Bulk Downloads allows you to enable the ability for your customers to download multiple photos or an entire gallery. Let's go through some of the features so you can see how to make this function available for your clients.

Multiple Images Or Entire Galleries For Digital Download

Let customers select multiple files or an entire gallery. The files are then packaged and sent to that customer's email. They are then able to download their files fast & easy!

High Resolution Or Web Size Resolution

You have the option to choose what size file they can download, from web-ready resolutions to high resolutions. These two options are free with Bulk Downloads.

Simple Delivery Options

Allow clients to download their selected images directly from the gallery or let PhotoBiz email them the files directly. This is a fast and convenient way to deliver your files. Customers won't have to wait for them to prepare to download, especially if you have very large galleries! These emailed packaged files are available almost immediately and are available to download for 7 days before they must request or repurchase the files.

Make Images For Sale Or For Free

You can allow customers to pay to bulk download multiple files or an entire gallery, just set up your digital packages, products or a la carte digital images with full control over the file's resolution and pricing. You can also let this be a free feature, it up to you and whatever fits your business the best!

Click Here to learn more about how to set up your images and packages for bulk downloads.

PhotoBiz has been busy enhancing all our features over the last few months. We've given you scheduling tools with the PhotoBiz Scheduler, Image Uploader enhancements with twice as much upload speed, and now Bulk Downloads for client galleries. Our team of R&D, Developers, and Quality assurance has worked around the clock to ensure the best experience possible for all PhotoBiz users and your clients. We're very proud of all their hard work in developing these new features!

This addition not only enhances our platform; it allows you to save money even more by having these features all in one website platform. No need for third-party software of tools. Curious about all our features? Check out our features page. If you need assistance setting-up your bulk download options, give our Customer Support Team a call 1-866-463-7620. They are ready to assist you with your needs! 

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PhotoBiz Growth Hub - No worries Terra,

Our support team will assist you! Give us a call at 866.463.7620 for more help!
Terra Baggett - I am so out of my element with this and need major help here!
PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi Leanor,

We allow you to use any lab you for your images. Check out our previous blog article about fulfillment "Order Fulfillment with PhotoBiz Proofing" https://blog.photobiz.com/blog-post/order-fulfillment-with-photobiz-proofing
Leanor Taylor - Great! do you have a lab for processing images?
Helen Jones - That's great! Thank you xx
Rodney Turner - YES!!!!!! The wait is over! Keep up the great work everyone.