Bulk Download Coming In February 2020
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Friday, January 17, 2020
By Jeremy H
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2/27/2020 Update: We're currently in testing mode for this product and will be releasing soon.

Over the last few years, we've been improving our technology especially our proofing + ecommerce tools. Our developers are working non stop to make it more flexible, easier, and powerful than ever before. That's why we're developing the Bulk Download + Original File Size features coming soon to the PhotoBiz Platform.

We're excited to announce PhotoBiz Bulk Downloads! We'll cover some quick details about the Bulk Download, plus other enhancements coming to Proofing.

Bulk Download

This highly anticipated feature is going to make downloading a snap! Soon, your clients will be able to download entire galleries with a click of a button. Galleries are then zipped and emailed directly to them for easy access. Now they'll be able to access their photos in no time making it more convenient for you and your clients.

Original File Size

Another feature to be included in PhotoBiz proofing will be Original File Size. Upload your highest quality file up to 25MB / 300DPI in size files, no longer just web & print size formats. Original Files Size is an optional choice for clients.

Image Uploader Enhancement

Lastly, our uploader is getting an overhaul. We're enhancing it's upload speeds to match our lightspeed websites. You'll be able to craft your website pages and galleries fast than before with this feature.

All these enhancements are a huge addition to the PhotoBiz platform and we're excited to share with all our customers in the next few months. We're proud of our R&D and Developers teams for all the hard work they've done to make this feature available to all PhotoBiz clients. We look forward to these great additions!

All our enhancements will arrive before March 2020!

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PhotoBiz Growth Hub - No confirmed date but very soon!
Casey Craig - Hi! Is there a date set for this yet?
PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi Joanne,

You can make bulk downloads for sale.
PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi,

Everyone will have Bulk Downloads for Proofing on their accounts! that means when a client selects bulk downloads it will collect the files and send them an email link to download the files.
Roland - When you say "will be for free" do you also mean the email the bulk download triggers?
Joanne - Will the bulk download option only allow for the entire gallery to be downloaded or would it allow for sales? Something similar to what shootproof does? Thank you
PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi Joseph,

Bulk Downloads for both print and web size files will be available for free! The Original File Size is an optional upgrade, but may not be necessary for all client types.
PhotoBiz Growth Hub - You're welcome!!
PhotoBiz Growth Hub - Hi Christina,

I'll let our R&D know you'd like to see this added to our scheduler.
Joseph Cancellare - Hello, Just a question regarding Bulk Download will there be any additional costs for this as I did not notice any mention. Thank you
julie balgavy - YES!!!
Gena Mathes - Fantastic! Been waiting for this!
Melissa Vaeth - Yay!! Will definitely be using these features, thank you!!!
Christina Knoche - Love that you'll be offering this option. It'll be nice to have everything in one place. I really want to use the scheduler - any chance you could change the time slots to under 15 mins - like every 5, 10, 15 minutes.... This would be helpful for scheduling events like Santa photos.