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Friday, February 16, 2018
By Jeremy H
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We've been rolling out our newest platform over the last month and we're excited to see a lot of people enjoying it already! PhotoBiz 8 is the easiest builder to date with tons of cool custom options. Here are some of our favorite new sites built by you that we've fallen in love with!

Hiram rebranded his PhotoBiz site to the new PhotoBiz 8 platform and it is absolutely stunning. His light branding (white and blue) complements and balances his gorgeous, stark work throughout. He started with the Hemingway template and it's amazing how much it evolved from it! Anything is possible.




Sally's site is incredible on PhotoBiz 8. Her work takes center stage and the homepage takes you on a journey, learning more about her to selling her services. It is a clean design based on the Oscar template. Beautiful!




Simple and elegant, Stephanie lets her big & bold work do the talking. The side menu on Fitzgerald lets you navigate through her work quickly and puts her other pages always within reach. She also placed in her live social media feed with a little bit of Instagram code. Super cool!




Studio CQ's boudoir photos are big and powerful, wowing you as you scroll the page. The homepage features a form at the bottom to capture clients quickly. Studio CQ modified the Maya template to stun would be clients right away!




A dark, rich and warm quality is what makes Charity's site unique. A more compact design really works with her impressive portraits. She was able to take Rockwell and make it her own. It is truly one to be seen.

Stephanie Creative used Oscar to create a highly stylized, editorial look with all kinds of cool embellishments. We can't take our eyes off all of the little details that up the WOW! factor and make this site truly unique. (Be sure to check out her about page.) Well done!




On Phil Hyman's site, modern design meets classical artwork. The Hawthorne template presents a simple approach that gets in front of customers right away. Top-level site links encourage people to schedule right away, not giving too much room to scroll but featuring plenty of pages for customers to view.




Ashley Latham wows visitors from the start with bold images that contrast nicely with the white and greys of her website. The wonderful menu layout of Vincent makes top banners shine seamlessly. Beautiful gallery layouts show her work with high impact.




Like a magazine layout coming to life, Shilo lets the menu of Emerson stay at the bottom as you navigate down the page to choose your path. Each section tells a story and engages customers.




Victoria Image uses texture to craft their story. Subtle color enriches the photography and draws you down the page. Large gallery images on Maya really bring this site to life.

These are just a few of the hundreds of PhotoBiz 8 sites! have you built your website with PhotoBiz 8 platform yet? Let us know! We'd love to see it and share it with others!


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Frances Cadora - You should have added mine. :)
Seriously though, I wish there were more examples of sites that are not just photography; as in sites that are product based.
Natalie - Please show us some examples of Fine Art Photography websites that use e-commerce to sell photos/products, not just services. Thanks!
Brian - I agree about having more examples of ecommerce sites, as well as a variety of photography types (i.e., wildlife, landscape, etc.).
Randy - Thanks for posting these! I would love to see more sites with video used (only one here) to see different ways people are incorporating it into their sites design-wise.
AnnMarie Mannino - These sites all look great.

It would great to see several samples of Eccomrce sites. Feel free to use my unlaunced Photo8 site.

Ann Marie Mannino

Christina - Check out my site I built with photobiz 8 ..... www.bloomingportraits.com

LOVE LOVE this updates platform!!!
Jim Rode - I changed my site into a Photobiz 8 site in a couple hours. Fun and easy!
Jim Rode. FridayNightArt.com