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Friday, May 04, 2018
By Holly H
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It's been three months since PhotoBiz 8 made it's grand debut, and the great websites keep coming! We are so impressed with all of the creative ways our clients have been using the new platform to make truly outstanding designs. 


Here are 9 more website designs that caught our eye here at PhotoBiz HQ... and what we love best about them! 


When we saw what Yvonne Min did using the Almas template, we fell head over heels in love! Her creative use of colored dividers is simply brilliant. Bright blocks and poppy buttons add just the right touch of whimsy and energize the entire design. This is a really clever and super-effective website sure to catch a client's eye. Bravo!



This design is just great in every way... but if I had to pick one thing I love most about Becoming Images, it's gotta be the About page. Penny recorded a welcome greeting and embedded it via Soundcloud so visitors can hear her voice and get to know her a little better. It's really effective in welcoming a new client and adds a cool, personal touch. Very creative! (Template: Oscar)



Cindy Epstein's food photography site makes my mouth water. Not only are her images just fabulous, but the layout lets the work speak for itself. Hemingway's grid galleries serve up row after row of delicious images in a clean, no-fuss style that's easy and fun to browse. 




BigIdeas Creations perfectly showcases modern architectural photography with a solid, clean, and bold design. Oscar gets a luxurious, high-end treatment, featuring collage-style gallery pages framed with ultra-thick borders. This look is slick!



Besides looking great, Amy Jones Design's website is focused. The home page starts with a Call To Action asking visitors to book. (This is a great idea; adding CTAs to your homepage is a sure way to boost your inquiries!) Next are visual links to galleries... and more opportunities to get in touch! This site definitely takes you on a journey. Awesome strategy, and a beautiful design using Maya as a starting point. 



Leah Bullard is also using Almas, but look how different it is! Leah was able to move from her older site to to this new design on PhotoBiz 8 in one day. I'm in love with how her moody images look in edge-to-edge pinboard galleries framed by paper-thin borders. This design is regal, lush, and uncomplicated – a total feast for the eyes.




Left-hand menu layouts like Presley are becoming more popular, and Blooming Portraits nails this look! The color scheme is super cute, funky block backgrounds are heckin' cute, collage galleries add even more variety, and (wait for it...) there's an active BLOG! (Did you know I do a cheer for you when I see you blogging? It's true!)




Élan Studio hits all the marks, taking full advantage of the PhotoBiz 8 feature set and Maya template. This site has it all: proofing, a store, subscription forms, blog, even gift cards, too! And the design looks soooooo professional. Maybe it's the footer badges that scream "PRO"... or it could be the little designer-y touches and custom graphics. One thing's for sure, Tracy includes mountains of information and social proof in a compact design that doesn't overwhelm the visitor. Great use of the store here! I love how you can buy packages and pay for sessions easily online. And why not? A totally free online store comes included with PhotoBiz 8! 




SO many things rock about Jenée Cook's site! First, her logo font is just amazing. List items are excellent and immediately direct visitors to different galleries. The awesome keyword-dense text on the homepage speaks to both users AND search engines. Subtle, textured canvas backgrounds add dimension and interest without overpowering. There's a store to buy packages – plus a healthy and active blog! Love, love, love it! (Template: Vincent)




Feeling inspired? We can't wait to see what you create on PhotoBiz 8. Drop your site in the comments or send us a message and let us see what you've been building! If you need some help, we're happy to assist. Just give us a call at 866-463-7620. (We can even build it for you with Jumpstart or a Custom website design service!)


(Want to know more about PhotoBiz 8? Click here to see what's inside!)




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Holly H - Thank you, Terrill! Your new site looks great! The Instagram widget is coming, but for now you can pretty use an embed code to get the feed on your site – LightWidget (at lightwidget.com) is easy to use and works great! Just style it how you want, generate the code and pop it in. Give us a call if you need help!
Terrill Bodner - Waiting for your Instagram feed widget to add to my site. Check it at www.terrillbodnerphotography.com. Thank you for PhotoBIZ 8! Loving my new look after 8 years with you!
Holly H. - Karen, YOUR website is AMAZING!! :O

I'm in LOVE with these script headers, how your galleries are laid out (especially "Whimsy"), and WOW your photography is just breathtaking. You put a lot of cool details into your site! EXCELLENT work!
Karen R. - All of these websites are AH-MAAAZING! I may have bookmarked a couple of them. ;) PhotoBiz8 is more than I ever could have hoped for in the world of DIY websites. Here's the link for my PhotoBiz8 site! www.gracelanephotography.com
Holly H. - BRIAN I LOVE YOUR NEW DESIGN! It makes me want to go outside :D and of course, your photos are phenomenal. You're a rockstar!
Holly H. - Hi Christina!

The Instagram feed above uses Lightwidget (lightwidget.com). It's free and super easy to use!

You can just go there and configure your feed, then it makes a bit of code for you to pop into an HTML block on your site. You can put that on any page and it will automatically refresh for you.

We're putting together a bunch more widgets (including an Instagram feed!) that should be coming out in the next couple of months. BUT! For now Lightwidget is a cool tool to get your Insta feed on your website.
Christina - How do they do the instagram feed? Is that something we have to manually update by adding the images and link back to the instagram post?
Brian - Here's my new PhotoBiz 8 site! http://www.brianzinkephotography.com/