Be A Visual Storyteller: Image-Focused Blogs That Totally Win
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Thursday, July 21, 2016
By Holly H
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Photographers: I hear you. Blogging seems like it takes a long time.
But it doesn’t have to.


I recently got a question from a photographer who was at a total loss for what to write about. You know what I said?


You’re lucky! You are a photographer. You have a bounty of gorgeous photographs right in front of you – and each one is a story.

Smiley face

If only I could be so lucky. 


Oh! To tell the story behind a photograph, reliving that memorable moment... The prep that went in, the gear I used, finding the right location… the happy couple: how they laughed sweetly through their session, even when the cloudburst sent us running to the old barn, soaked and breathless.


(What’s my point?) Blogging seems difficult, but really, you’ve got it easy.


Look at the last session you shot. Think back on it – you went out with your client and worked your magic. They worked theirs. Then you created a Proofing gallery: a beautiful record of your work together.

Share that memory!

Potential clients want to see as much of your work as possible before hiring you. They’re hungry for your work. They will devour your homepage, your galleries, and then turn to your blog in search of more brilliant images.


When you’re brainstorming things to blog about, recent work should be your go-to. Take a look at Maxine Evans’ Blog. Or Josh Kane’s.


Figge Photography, too! They just got started blogging but they're doing a bang-up job.

Remember the last proofing gallery you made? It’s loaded up with images and ready to turn into a fantastic blog. All you have to do is hit "Share" then choose "Blog." Throw in a few sentences and a good, descriptive title. 


You're done blogging for the day!

Don’t worry about hitting a certain number of words. You’re not writing a book, you’re setting the scene for a visual story that will take the reader away. 


Again, Maxine’s blogs only average about 50 words. No big deal, though, she’s only one of the most in-demand LA baby photographers. And look what success consistently blogging ADORABLE pictures of teeny tiny humans has brought.

And this is excellent: Don’t leave your audience on a cliffhanger. Instead, close with a super strong CTA to turn captivated readers into clients.


Oh, Photographers. I envy you, I really do. Go out there and make some magic. 

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