9 Simple Bride and Groom Poses for Every Wedding Shoot
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Thursday, January 18, 2018
By Jaimie Burke
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During the wedding day, you have the opportunity to work closely with the bride and groom and capture memorable moments they will cherish for years to come. One of the biggest parts of creating stunning images for them has to do with the poses you use. Because the wedding day can often be hectic and may sometimes leave you with little time to capture the images you need, having a few go-to poses can help you find success. We reached out to ShootDotEdit, a wedding photo editing company who sees plenty of poses used by professional photographers, to gain their insights on the top poses to use.

The key to posing on the wedding day is to be prepared for any scenario that comes your way. We put together a quick checklist of bride and groom poses you can use during the wedding day, from the getting ready to the couple portraits, to work quickly and elevate your images.



1. A Look in the Mirror


Depending on the wedding timeline, the first photos you take of the bride and groom may be as they get ready. A classic pose to start with is to have them look in the mirror. Poses that include sitting and standing will work, as you can have the bride sitting at the vanity while she adjusts her earrings and the groom standing with his hands on his tux.


Quick Tip: As you work with the bride and groom for this pose, tell them to think of one another and how they met. This will help them to have genuine emotion that will come through in the photos you take.  

2. A Shot with the Bride’s Props


Another pose you can use during the getting ready moments for the bride include her bouquet. If the bouquet is not available, have the bride grab her part of part of her dress. This pose highlights something of sentimental value to her and helps you eliminate any issues of the bride not knowing what to do with her hands as you pose her.


Quick Tip: When the bride holds the bouquet, angle her arms so it creates distinction from her torso. You can also have her stretch her arms to reach for her veil as you take the shot. These are just some of the ways you can pose the bride to make her look her best.

3. A Moment for the Groom


While you work with the groom as he gets ready, suggest he adjust his cufflinks or tie in the shot. When you encourage him to move his hands, he will not focus as much on the fact you are posing him. The movement can help the groom feel more comfortable in front of the camera and the shot will look more natural.


Quick Tip: Be sure to capture his expression as he focuses on the details of his attire. Groom poses that simultaneously capture spontaneity will go a long way for the bride and add to the overall story of the day.

4. A Window Shot


Before the bride and groom leave their getting ready areas, pose each of them in front of the window. Just like the mirror shot, both standing and sitting in front of the window can work for this pose. The window shot is an ideal time to take a few side profile shots of the groom and to highlight the bride’s stunning dress.


Quick Tip: While you work with the bride and groom in their getting ready locations, position them in a way that the light flatters the pose. Depending on the lighting condition, window light can create dramatic and unique images for this part of the day.

5. A First Look


If your couple opts for a first look, you have several opportunities to pose them in a way that will create memorable moments. Before the see one another, have them stand apart, with their backs facing one another, and ask them to slowly turn and face each other. As they turn around, you will have plenty of genuine emotion to capture.


Quick Tip: Once they are facing each other, give them a moment to enjoy the excitement. This will give a bit of quiet time together before joining their loved ones, especially if the first look is right before the ceremony. Plus, you can document more of their genuine emotion.

6. A Moment to Embrace


During their portraits, have the couple embrace one another for a few shots close together. Tell the groom to wrap his arms around the bride from the back and have her slightly tilt her head toward him. Then, have them face each other, with the bride’s arms around the groom’s neck and his arms around her waist, and tell them to place their foreheads together.

Quick Tip: If the bride and groom are uncomfortable in front of the camera as you pose them, get involved. Show them how you want them to pose so they know what to do and can relax in the poses. These poses keep them moving and together, which helps them feel more comfortable.

7. A Quick Kiss


As you work through your go-to poses, have the bride and groom lean in for a quick kiss. In the previous pose, with the groom’s arms wrapped around the bride from the back, have him kiss her cheek. You can then have them step a few feet apart and lean in for the kiss. Be sure to pay attention to their posture as you pose them this way.


Quick Tip: To mix up this pose, try having the groom pick up the bride as they kiss. This will add some movement to the image and if they are still a bit shy, will help distract them from the fact they are in front of the camera.

8. A Walk Together


Just like having the groom pick up the bride can help them to relax in front of the camera, encourage even more movement for their portraits. Have the couple hold hands and walk together toward you. Then, have them walk away from you as you shoot, stop and turn back toward you for another unique pose.


Quick Tip: As they walk, let them know to focus on each other and not the camera. Encourage them to talk to each other so they forget the camera is there and you can capture the moment for them.  

9. A Lift


Another classic and romantic pose that is sure to get the couple smiling is a lift. Have the groom lift the bride so you can capture their laughter and joy during this moment. When the groom lifts the bride up high, switch up your angle to shoot from behind him to document the bride’s facial expression.

Quick Tip: Let the groom know he does not need to hold this pose for long. This can avoid any discomfort from the bride, which could show in the image. And for another exciting pose, after he lifts her, have him dip her! Their genuine expressions will be a perfect addition to this pose.

With your go-to poses checklist in hand, you can arrive to any wedding shoot and pose the bride and groom with ease. The more comfortable you are with posing, the faster you can work through the wedding day! For additional posing insights from top photographers to use during the wedding day, grab our free guide to posing!

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