5 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Use PhotoBiz Scheduler to Book Clients
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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
By Jeremy H.
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Have you ever woken up wondering what you are going to do today? Do you shuffle around to figure out what your tomorrow looks like, the night before? Keeping a schedule can be helpful to plan your days in advance and create a work-life balance. Having a set schedule can give you clarity and focus. 

The PhotoBiz Scheduler is a wonderful tool to help you manage your schedule with ease. It allows you to send a link to your clients to book time with you. You can set up specific times for working hours and events. Maybe Monday is when you like to book all our consultations, the rest of the week is set up for shooting, and weekends for in-person sales or photo editing. You are in control!

Here are 5 reasons why using the PhotoBiz Scheduler is the perfect tool for booking clients and setting up appointments.


Plan for future events

The number one reason to have a schedule built-in to your business is to maintain structure for your days. So okay, maybe you like a little chaos, but when it comes to being ready for your next appointment, not knowing when that is can be scary. Having a routine and schedule helps you be more productive and can lower your stress.

That’s where planning ahead with the PhotoBiz Scheduler comes in. You can create scheduled events to occur on specific days of the week, or you can plan for large scale events to be booked in advance.

Having a fall or Santa session this winter? You can create a schedule built out for the specific dates you will hold those events. For example, on those days you can set your schedule to allow people to book time with you from 10 AM - 6 PM. You can also set up the allotted time each family can book. Perhaps you want each family to have a 15-minute mini-session to maximize your shooting schedule, or maybe you want to have a 2-hour slot for each family. With the PhotoBiz Scheduler, you can set up the length of each session as well as how much time you want to have in between each session. 

Do you shoot weddings or large events? You can also set up your schedule so brides and event planners can book you in advance. You can even allow them to select specific add-ons, like an extra photographer or video package. This can all be booked with our scheduling tool.

Having control over your schedule gives you peace of mind to help you maintain not only business but also your life outside of work. There’s nothing better than knowing how booked you can be so you know when you can have some self deserved downtime.


Take prepayments when booking clients

Clients are less likely to cancel when they have already paid for something. That is one reason to take partial or full payments upfront. With the PhotoBiz Scheduler, you can both book the time for a future session or event and take payments in advance.

If you set up a partial advance payment you can then use the PhotoBiz Invoice tool (in the ecommerce tab) to send reminders to pay the balance. 

Clients also reserve the right to cancel. Therefore you can set up cancellation policies within the Scheduler to help protect your business. It is important to let your customers know of any cancellation fees involved upfront when booking with you. 


Add an extra layer of professionalism

Having an online scheduling system available to your customers makes getting in touch with you more efficient. It adds complexity to your business without hassle. It shows legitimacy in your business that goes beyond a contact form. It gives your customers some control (based on what you made available).

The PhotoBiz Scheduler also allows you to provide a branded experience that is integrated into your business. When people book time with you through the PhotoBiz Scheduler they get a branded email confirming their appointment with the ability to add it to their calendar.

The experience confirms to customers that they  are working with a professional business and not just a personal email from @hotmail.com (sorry MSN!)


Play less phone tag

By giving customers the ability to book a time with you online you are giving them control over their own time. They don’t have to call during business hours, you don’t have to play phone tag to compare calendars, you can simply send them a link and they can book a time with you at their convenience. This can lead to easier decision making for your customer and allow you more time to focus on your projects or enjoy downtime in between bookings. It’s a win-win.

Optimize your days

The best part about having a schedule is it allows you to spend and enjoy your time how you like.  Whether you are a freelancer or sole proprietor of a business or have a team of 25, control of your schedule is needed to keep a good balance. Setting up your availability in the PhotoBiz Scheduler can help you plan for appointments and projects throughout the year. And knowing what’s coming and where you have opportunities for new projects can help you stay focused on current projects or ways to stimulate more business. 


Scheduling allows you to have control and freedom over how you spend your time. The best part is the PhotoBiz Scheduler comes included with our website platform. It’s just one of a suite of tools in our platform that helps you manage your business online. 


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Need assistance setting up the PhotoBiz Scheduler? Give our Passionate Support® team a call at 866.463.7620. We look forward to helping you get booked!


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