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Thursday, January 09, 2020
By Jeremy H
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Happy 2020! We have 5 brand new templates available today on PhotoBiz 8

Kipling - Moody and modern. Very stylish.
Frost - Large and vibrant playful design.
Whitman - Large and impactful with minimal design elements.
Beckett - Impactful editorial style design.
Chaucer - Textured design with modern touches.

These designs are stylish and sleek utilizing all our image and text layout options and dividers providing a personality to each.

Each template is fully customizable, you can change the colors, the fonts, and more.

Check out below each new template and take a live tour. Click here to learn how to preview your site using a new template! And to see more designs, visit photobiz.com/websites and browse our template library.

If you have any questions or would like help, contact our amazing support team toll-free at 866-463-7620


live sample: frost.photobiz.com



All templates are free, available, and ready to use in PhotoBiz 8.
Here's how to try on and change a template

Want to make the switch to the new PhotoBiz 8 platform?
Call us at 866-463-7620 or leave a comment and we'll get you started.


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Frost - Whitman - Beckett - Chaucer


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