5 Forms You Should Have On Your Website
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Friday, June 21, 2019
By Holly H
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You attract prospects to your website with solid SEO, snag their attention with a beautiful design, but then what? After looking through your galleries and reading about your business, visitors need a way to get in touch, make a purchase, book a session or otherwise take the next step to become your customer! 

Forms are how you turn random website visitors into engaged buyers. They’re the hardest working part of your website! But so many photographers miss out on business because they’re not using their forms to the fullest. 

PhotoBiz forms are fully integrated, so you don’t have to pay extra or log in to a 3rd party builder. They’re drag & drop and easy to style. You can accept payments with forms. We even have templates for the most common form types so you can build powerful forms for your business in literally just seconds!

If you’re scratching your head on what forms to use on your website, you’re in luck! Here are 5 easy forms you can build today to start making money and getting new customers.

Fill your calendar with an ''Event Booking'' form

Do you have an event or mini-session coming up? Make it easy for customers to register and pay online all at once!

You can book any kind of event, from mini-sessions to workshops, service appoints and full-day sessions. Accept payments or deposits by connecting a merchant like Stripe or PayPal. Share on social media to get even more attention and bookings.

Booking blues = solved.

Use a ''Contact Form'' to connect with customers

Let customers say "Hi" and tell you what they need quickly by adding a contact form to your homepage or a dedicated contact page. When someone submits a form, your PhotoBiz CRM will send you a notification so you can reach out directly or start a Conversation.  

Take care of business with a ''Model Release'' form

Streamline your process with forms that take care of business for you! Customers can sign contracts or model release forms online before your event. Forms can include official signatures, too! Everything is neatly kept online for you should you ever need to pull up a contract in a pinch. Your website can handle it all for you, so when the big day comes, you can focus on having fun taking amazing photos!

Grow your network with a blog ''Sign Up'' form

Adding a cute form to keep track of subscribers and share news about your business is an A+ idea for every website. Even if you aren’t blogging regularly YET, drop a form in your footer or on your home page so you can build up a base without any effort. When you’re ready to start sending email updates, you’ll have a customer list ready to go.

Make money with a “Custom Order” Form

Your PhotoBiz account comes with all kinds of ways to sell stuff. An Online StoreProofing with Ecommerce, Invoicing… but Forms are so flexible and easy to use and share, they make taking orders a breeze. 

Configure your custom order forms to be as fancy as you need. Forms can include limited quantities, conditional fields, password protection, and even expiration dates. We charge no extra fees for online ordering, so go nuts! 

Feeling ambitious? You can build TONS of forms to make your website work even harder. Click to see more samples!

Need Help? If you’re looking for something specific and need a bit of guidance, we are happy to assist! Just call our team at 866-463-7620.

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